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Love Notes: How a Rich Balm Saved A Birchbox Customer from Dryness—For Good

Nerd alert: one of our favorite things to do is read the customer reviews in the Birchbox Shop. You all are an opinionated bunch—and we like it! We especially love the love letters you write to your favorite products. (Though we’re still waiting on the haikus and iambic pentameter.) From time to time, we’ll be highlighting extrasweet customer serenades. Up next: a life-changing, multipurpose balm.


Unlike those other guys,Dr. Lipp’s lip balm won’t leave you high and dry. Rather, this all-natural salve is clinically proven to repair rough, flaky lips and smooth dry skin patches. (You can even use it as a stand-in for cuticle oil!) Originally designed for nursing moms to heal sore nipples, it quickly become a cult favorite of savvy makeup artists for its ability to soothe and prime. Another convert to the cult of Dr. Lipp’s? Subscriber Erin Carroll. Just check out what Erin had to say about his pout saver: 

My lips are almost always dry and chapped. I’ve used up entire tubs of vaseline trying to moisturize them but I still wake up with lips that are less-than-kissable. Dr. Lipp’s has changed my lips completely and I could not be happier. A little goes a long way, so I feel like the product is worth the price. It has been added to my nightly routine and I have to apply lip balm during the day a lot less frequently. Love Dr. Lipp’s!”


Have your own product paramour? Pen a love letter to your favorite Birchbox products by leaving a customer review!

Say Hello To My All-Time Favorite Lipgloss: stila’s lip glaze


A fraction of my ever-growing stila collection. Shades from bottom to top:  joy, black cherry, and holly. 

Admitting you have a problem is half the battle—so here goes nothing: Hi, My name is Ally and I am a lipgloss addict. My obsession started in the 6th grade. It was Christmas. Deep within my stocking lurked something completely new—a Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker in Pink Lemonade. I can still remember the spot-on flavor and light pink sheen like it was, yesterday. One swipe and I. was. hooked. 

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Announcing! The Limited Edition Head of The Class Birchbox


While we haven’t been students since slap bracelets ruled the halls, we still know a thing or two about prepping for a new year. To wit, we put together a collection of A+ essentials to help young Birchboxers (and Birchboxers young at heart!) start the semester in style.

One thing you’ll find inside: Willa®’s start fresh foaming facial or Willa®’s face friendly clear moisturizer. Each of these ultra-gentle formulas help to keep skin hydrated from first period to a midnight study sesh. There’s also poppin’s trusty notebook and Color Club®’s Sequins Nail Art Kit for when you’re in a note-taking or crafty mood. We’re also particularly excited about the too-cute chevron Birchbox pouch, the perfect way to store pens, pencils, and your fave new stila lip glaze 

For a closer look at these goodies and the other essentials packed in this back-to-school kit, head on over to the Birchbox Shop—supplies are limited so don’t delay!

The Best Way to Layer Your Skincare & Your Chance to Get an Exclusive Juice Beauty Lip Gloss for Free

Every great beauty look starts with an awesome skincare routine. Not only does it provide long-term benefits, but it makes covering imperfections less of a necessity. However, fancy serums and moisturizers are most effective when layered properly. To help decode what goes where, when, watch this video with editorial director Mollie explaining skincare products in terms of parfait ingredients. We swear it makes sense. 

Bonus: If you keep watching, you’ll find a special gift with purchase deal for a full-size Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss that won’t be found anywhere else until September. The gorgeous new lippies come free with any $20 purchase in the Birchbox Shop and they’re the perfect addition to a flawless complexion. Just watch the video above to find the special code. 


Speaking of great skincare, check out how this traditional soap solved one customer’s acne problems.

The Weirdest Origin Stories We’ve Heard in the Beauty World


In the summer of 1853, a hot tempered chef was manning the kitchen at a chic resort. A dinner guest found the chef’s French fries too thick for his liking and sent the plate back to the kitchen. In an effort to one up the persnickety customer, the chef sliced the potatoes paper-thin. And eureka! America’s favorite salty, snack—duh! the potato chip—was born. 

Unexpected discovery of a seriously great thing, right? Like our favorite crunchy fix, these four beauty products have surprising (and totally awesome!) beginnings. 

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A Lipstick Lover’s New Best Friend


I’m a lipstick girl through and through. I’ve become an expert at eating a full meal while maintaining a perfect red lip and can spot MAC’s Russian Red a mile away. But despite my obsession, wearing lipstick all day can be exhausting. Sometimes I just want a quick swipe of color that I don’t have to meticulously reapply in the mirror every few hours. Lip gloss seems like the obvious answer, but my memories of sticky and overly shiny glosses from middle school didn’t encourage me to pick up a tube any time soon. 

However, I was recently urged to give LipFusion Infatuation Lip Fattener a try and I have to confess that I’ve had this lip gloss thing all wrong. This game changer is nothing like its early 2000s predecessors and definitely deserves a spot next to my favorite lipsticks in my beauty lineup. If you’re not a fan of lipgloss now, you might have a change of heart because some of you will be receiving this in your May Birchbox!

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Say Hello to Lip Oils, Marc Jacobs Snuggles Up with Diet Coke, and More

Oils for your face, hair—and now lips. Filled with antiaging elements, this may be exactly what our parched lips need. []
Marc Jacobs is the new creative director for Diet Coke. His philosophy going in to the new gig? “I think glamour and sex sells just about everything.” [WWD]
It’s safe to say that we were shocked to hear the truth about these weight loss myths.  [Q]
MOR creates macaron-inspired lip glosses that look, smell, and even taste like the real thing. [SheFinds]
Grab your bestie and celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with the 30 best chick flicks of all time. [Her Campus]
Only two more weeks until Kate Middleton reveals her royal baby bump! [The Cut]
Learn what Tresemme star stylist John D uses to get full and voluminous hair.
(Photo: Bite Beauty)

Say Hello to Lip Oils, Marc Jacobs Snuggles Up with Diet Coke, and More


Learn what Tresemme star stylist John D uses to get full and voluminous hair.

(Photo: Bite Beauty)

3 Surprising New Ways to Use Lip Gloss

Ever since I became a beauty writer, my tiny studio apartment has become the site of a lip gloss epidemic. The Container Store doesn’t make enough organizers to hold my stash, and recently I even started using an old tambourine to store extra glosses on my desk. Since there’s no way I’ll ever deplete my gloss supply, I tapped two pro makeup artists, Sarah Lucero and Reiva Cruze, to dream up three creative new ways to use gloss on your cheeks, eyelids, and even your hair (yes, you read that right). Maybe there’s hope for that clutter in my apartment after all. 


Not that we need anymore lip colors, but we can’t wait to get our hands on Burberry’s new lipstick.

Totally Crushing on Armour Beauty Lip Glosses

I’ve been on a serious bold lip kick lately. It’s one of the easiest ways for me to feel primped when it’s overcast and grey, like today in New York, without putting in a ton of effort. (Admittedly, I have yet to fully master the deep plum lip for fall). So imagine how excited I was when this line of pretty lipglosses from Armour Beauty found their way to my desk yesterday—with three extra-pigmented colors in tow. 

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Our Birchbloggers Are Lip Product Addicts

Last week we asked our community to tweet photos of the lip products in their purses, along with the number of products, using the hashtag #InMyPurse for a chance to win a bag of lip goodies! (We’ll be contacting the winner directly today). 

We also extended the challenge to our Birchbloggers and asked them to take it one step further: blog about all the lip products in their purse and tell us their favorites. As always, we got tons of awesome submissions!  Check out three of our favorite posts below (maybe you’ll discover a new product you can’t live without). 

Purse Stories: Lip Products

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