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The Boho and Disco-Chic ’70s: Guest Blogger

Sometimes, our greatest inspirations for new looks come from the past. Which is why we love The American Vernacular, a recently launched (it started last November!) online vintage store with fantastic, bygone-era inspired taste. Each piece on the site comes with information about its brand history, written by TAV’s owner and founder, Bryn Lander. This week, Bryn shares her vintage style secrets with us and gives the downlow on how to score those glam, leading lady looks.

Top: Diane Keaton, Liza Minnelli, Ali MacGraw, Faye Dunaway
Bottom: Pam Grier, Jerry Hall, Lauren Hutton, Bianca Jagger

During the ’70s, liberated women had more choices and fewer social constraints than ever before, producing two very distinct styles.

The eclectic boho style that stemmed from the ’60s hippie look became part of high fashion by the mid-’70s, when designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Ossie Clark, and Thea Porter created the ‘haute peasant look.’ The was also the decadent and glamourous style associated with Studio 54 and disco, which was largely defined by designers like Halston, Bill Blass, and Diane von Furstenberg, who experimented with draped jersey knits to create distinct silhouettes like the open-back halter neck, flowing maxi dresses, catsuits, and wrap dresses. My favorite iconic fashion films of the era are Love Story (1970), Cabaret (1972), Chinatown (1974), Shampoo (1975), Mahogany (1975) and Annie Hall (1977).

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Do You Mind The Gap?

Even Lauren Hutton, a beauty icon, has had moments of insecurity about her appearance, namely her signature gap teeth. A profile on the legend in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar reveals that as a young model, the bombshell tried to cover up her gap using morticians’ wax (yuck!) and would cut a line in the middle of it. She also experimented using a cap and told the magazine that she’d often swallow it, laugh it out, or misplace it. “Revlon wanted me to use it all the time,” she admits.

I happen to love her signature toothy look and am such a fan of this au natural statement. In fact, two of my favorite rising stars, actress Anna Paquin and model Lara Stone, both rock space-laden smiles. “It’s becoming quite fashionable now, isn’t it? Forty-five years later,” jokes Hutton.


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