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The Thigh Gap: What Is It, and Why Are Girls Obsessing Over It?


A thigh what? That was my response too when I first saw a friend’s Facebook post about this topic. And then a quick search revealed a number of articles and disturbing websites about the thigh gap and why young girls are so desperate to have one. (Beware: If you do a Google image search, prepare yourself—it’s pretty terrifying).

In short, a thigh gap is the space between a woman’s thighs when she stands with her feet together. The look is considered trendy, and now teen girls everywhere are trying to get thigh gaps of their own, many in unhealthy ways.

Here at Birchbox, while we love a good sweat session and strive to stay healthy, we’re more about embracing our natural quirks and curves. So, in an attempt to dispel this craze, I’ve compiled a short list of celebs who are all wildly successful, gorgeous, refreshing gap-free examples.

1. Rihanna

These are the legs that scored RiRi the “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess” award in 2007. It was true then, and it’s true now. (Photo: Pete Goddard/Splash News/Corbis) 

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