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5 AMA Performances You Should YouTube Right Now

Nicki Minaj performing “Freedom” at last night’s American Music Awards. (Photo:

While the American Music Awards don’t have the same pomp and circumstance as the Grammy’s, the show is still a favorite to watch since it’s essentially one epic concert filled with the best songs and performers from the last year. Last night’s 40th Anniversary edition was no exception, with rocking sets by everyone from Carrie Underwood and Usher to Nicki Minaj and K-pop star Psy (with a special guest). For your entertainment, the five performances from last night that we’re playing on repeat this morning:

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The Most Influential Hair Cuts of 2011: Justin Bieber and Emma Watson

Each year, there seems to be one celebrity haircut that stands out among the rest. This year, according to the Wall Street Journal, it was actually two: Emma Watson’s pixie and Justin Bieber’s “swish” style. The publication has deemed that these were the two most influential cuts of 2011 as measured by the volume of requests at hair salons and the number of Google searches.

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Justin Bieber vs. Jennifer Aniston: Whose New Hair Do You Like Best?

Left: Us Weekly; Right: Stylelist

Holy hair wars: Not one but two major celebs just debuted new ‘dos—and both of them are well known for their trendsetting coifs. Yesterday, Justin Bieber (or “The Biebs” as so many of his pre-teen fans affectionately call him) revealed a shorter style while on the set of TMZ. So far there are a lot of mixed feelings: OK Magazine reports that many of his fans are unfollowing him on Twitter because of the cut and that the hashtag #riphairflip has been a trending topic since he revealed the look. Wowza. Let’s hope that Jennifer Aniston gets a warmer reception with her new bob, which she debuted earlier today at a photocall in Spain for her movie Just Go With It. Personally, I love, love, LOVE Jen’s new style (I am a huge fan of hers and as far as I am concerned, she can do no wrong), but I don’t mind Bieber’s more “mature” cut—he needed to shake things up. What do you think? Vote in our poll for your favorite!