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Learning About Jurlique’s Skin Magic At Their L.A. Boutique

I’m in Los Angeles this week for a mini media tour — editor dinners, blogger breakfasts, Birchbox members’ party, oh my! In between the events and the driving traffic, I’ve also been doing my beauty research. Yesterday, I field tripped to Santa Monica to visit Jurlique at their lovely store. The small boutique carries their entire catalog, which means you could spend hours playing with different skincare products. There is also a single treatment room where you can try one of their signature facials. Sara LaBree, their phenomenal store manager and aesthetician, gave me a crash course in their different protocols (in addition to an amazing facial).

Jurlique is all about rebalancing and optimizing your skin — they don’t want to completely change anything, just fine tune anything that is out of whack. Accordingly, all of their facials are effective without being harsh — you won’t walk out looking like an angry tomato. I’m not usually one to talk during spa treatments (in fact, I’ve been known to fall asleep), but I started geeking out about the ingredients in the products. Fun fact: Jurlique’s Purely Age Defying line uses marine-based ingredients like rock samphire that work like retinols without any of the harsh side effects. In addition to being smart about ingredients, they’re also smart about application: all of their facials use the Clarisonic to ensure that skin is perfectly prepped for the masks, serums, and creams that follow. By the end of my treatment, I felt smarter and, more importantly, my skin looked fresh and awake.


Did you know Jurlique grows the majority of its ingredients on a 153-acre farm in South Australia? Yeah, we think that’s pretty cool, too.

What Are Gwennie, Natalie, and Rachel McAdams’ Fave Green Beauty Brands?

You’d be forgiven if you associate the term ‘natural regimen’ with convention-rejecting hippies that rock their uneven complexions and lifeless hair with pride. But more and more, green is not just chic — it’s sexy. Opting into an environmentally-conscious lifestyle by no means necessitates the sacrifice of glamor or sex appeal. To meet the demand for eco-beauty, tons of brands have popped onto the radar over the past few years: Weleda, Jurlique, Dr. Hauschka, Suki,  and Juice Beauty, just to name a few. These companies’ commitment to green differs (some pride themselves on their ingredients, other on their minimal packaging, and some on their kind manufacturing practices), but they’re all making investments because this is not just a passing fad, it’s a way of life.

And no surprise, some of my favorite Hollywood leading ladies — Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Alicia Silverstone — are all advocates of green beauty.

As Paltrow puts it on her blog, GOOP (btw, she calls blogging “gooping” as in “I think I gooped about this before…”):

“Going green” is no longer just the ideology of left-wing hippies. Nor is it a trend. We are living in exciting times. We are confronted with the challenge of sustaining our food, our water and our environment. We are changing things. It’s big.

Some of Paltrow’s favorites brands are ones that we heart too, like Pangea Organics and Weleda.

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