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Seventeen Pledges To Never Alter Models’ Face or Body Shape

Back in May, we told you about Julia Bluhm, the 14-year-old who petitioned Seventeen with 25,000 signatures to stop photoshopping young models within its pages. Well two months later, the magazine has given a gutsy and admirable response. In the upcoming August issue, editor-in-chief Ann Shoket’s letter includes a “body peace treaty” promising readers that the magazine “will never change girls’ body or face shape” and it will only have images of “girls and models who are healthy.” Huzzah!

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Teen Petitions Magazine to Publish Photoshop-Free Photos


A teenager from Maine is petitioning Seventeen to print images of real girls, without any photoshop enhancements, in an effort to help young women accept themselves exactly as they are. Julia Bluhm, a 14-year-old from Maine, has started a petition on asking the youth publication to print at least one photoshop-free spread per month, and she’s getting enough support behind her to really make a difference.

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