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A Quick Refresher On Why You Should Give Serums a Chance


During the winter, you’ll find me slathering on a zillion different creams in hopes of defeating my mortal enemy: dry skin. But when spring rolls around, I favor a more streamlined skincare approach and rely on lightweight serums. In fact, I’ll often replace my regular moisturizers with these liquid formulas in the warmer months. There’s just something so unappealing about sleeping with a ton of heavy products on my face once it’s no longer freezing in my pre-war cave of a Brooklyn apartment.

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Skincare Expert Joanna Vargas’ Tips For Finicky Skin


The secret to glowing skin? Celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas says healthy fats and plenty of green juice.

Yesterday it was 50 degrees in New York, and today the temperature is back up to a balmy 75. Is it any wonder my skin is alternating between overly dry and overly oily? It turns out I’m not alone. NY-based facialist Joanna Vargas (her client list includes stars like Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams) says, “This time of year is really key because everyone’s skin starts to freak out…It tends to get patchy and dry and somewhat sensitive.” Luckily, the skincare guru has some tips for easing the transition. 

Eat Healthy Fats

Vargas says that you have to think about improving your skin from the inside out, which means adding more healthy fats to your diet. “Avocado in your salad, olive oil as a dressing instead—those kinds of things are going to help your skin maintain a good balance.” Vargas likes avocado as a smoothie ingredient, like in this Chocolate Love Smoothie.

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How To Layer Skincare For Better Results

You don’t need to be a math whiz to learn how to multiply the benefits of different ingredients by using them together. We sat down with three skincare experts to get the scoop on how to get the most out of your regime.


You’ve got a bathroom shelf filled with products, but which comes first? According to New York-based facialist Elena Rubin, a good rule of thumb is to go from lightest to heaviest and layer water-based products under oil-based products. Start with a good serum. These highly concentrated blends of actives are generally a brand’s most potent formulas—celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas calls them “multivitamins for your face.” Next, seal in the serum and prevent water loss with a moisturizer. If you’re using a face oil, that goes last.

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