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3 Ways to Make Your TV Habit Way More Healthy


We’re only hours away from the Oscars and with it, the prospect of sitting in front of the TV for four-plus hours. While this week is a bit extreme, most of us have our own Sunday night viewing rituals (any fellowThe Good Wife fans out there?). 

For someone like me, who neglects cuticles till they’re ragged and spaces out on regular facials, Sunday nights are my time to catch up on both my favorite shows and my beauty rituals. (Let the record also show that I’m impatient and love to multitask.) Here are three ways that I’m making my tube time more healthy:

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The Healthy Hair Challenge: Going Blonder Without the Damage


Me before and after getting my hair colored. Don’t I look so much blonder? 

This might come as a shock, but I’m not naturally this blonde. OK, well maybe that’s not a shock per se, but I do pride myself on finding extremely talented colorists. (Shout out to Jeff Chastain here in NYC and Robert Parrish in Chicago.) And now I’m adding a new name to the small list of hue wizards I trust: Noelle Chen, the director of education and a master stylist at Soho’s very posh Dop Dop Salon. 

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VIDEO: How To Cut Your Own Bangs

We’ve all been there: desperate for a bang trim but totally unable to get to the salon. So instead of waiting a few weeks, we take matters into our own hands and snip, snip, snip. Which usually means we end up with scraggly or way too short bangs. Never again! We enlisted the help of stylist Jeff Chastain to teach our own Candice how to cut her bangs on camera. Watch, be amazed, and try it yourself! 


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VIDEO: 5 Stylist Tips For Your Next Hair Cut

We’re in the mood for a change. That usually means a trip to the salon for some new layers, highlights, or sometimes a completely different cut. But all too often we’re not sure exactly how to tell our stylist what we want. Since a bad consultation is a recipe for hair disaster, we asked stylist Jeff Chastain for his super-stylist-approved tips for any haircut. Watch this video and you’ll walk into your next appointment with confidence! 

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Fall’s Hottest Hats and How to Wear Them

We’re dying to wear fall’s trendy new hats but these accessories have always been a bit intimidating. Our favorite stylist, Jeff Chastain, along with the always chic milliner Satya Twena, shows us a few easy styles to complement any hat. Are you a total hat lover or a bit hesitant? Let us know in the comments!

Find out more about Satya Twena, her beauty favorites and why she says anyone can wear hats in our Beauty in Action feature!

Jeff Chastain: Master of the Layered Cut

You know how a new haircut just makes you feel good? Well, I got one early this morning with Birchbox’s favorite stylist, Jeff Chastain, and I couldn’t be happier. I was looking for more layers (my previous blunt cut was just not, well, cutting it as it were) and to take some of the weight off. Jeff did a marvelous job and even taught me a new curling iron trick: try just using the iron on the middle section of each piece of hair and leave out the ends to get natural-looking waves instead of Bo Peep-style ringlets.


No matter who does your hair, you should always have a good serum on hand. Oscar Blandi’s Olio di Jasmine sleekifies in mere seconds and adds instant shine.

Stylist Jeff Chastain’s Short Hair Survival Guide

Stylist Jeff Chastain in all his tattooed glory.

As a long hair devotee, I never realized the trials of dealing with short locks. (Who knew being able to put your hair in a ponytail was such a blessing?) But as my good friend Geraldine tells me again and again, short hair is much harder to style, despite, you know, its shortness. After hearing her complain about bedhead, untameable cowlicks, and other issues, I finally took her to the master: stylist Jeff Chastain. He was full of advice — so much so that we’re filming a video with him this week (you’ll see it next month!). Here are some of his best short hair tips.

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