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Instagram Video: (Maybe Not) The Best Thing Ever?

Jamie Oliver takes us for a spin.

Over the weekend, our Instagram feeds blew up with minivids galore, thanks to the social media platform’s newly released video feature. And while we love a good puppy or idyllic beach scene every now and then, we’re conflicted about the onslaught of of video selfies. (Kind of cute? Or a wee bit over the top?)

Call us naysayers, but it’s less appealing to watch a pixelated video of our friends eating a really delish sandwich than it is to admire a mouthwatering snapshot pre-chowdown. It’s almost as if witnessing the full scene takes away a bit of Instagram’s charm. Is it possible that what was so fun before was that we got to experience the anticipation, and then imagine the final result? 

The jury’s still out on Instagram video, but we’ll be keeping close tabs (and of course experimenting ourselves). In the meantime, here’s a sampling from some recognizable names to give you a sense of the future silliness that awaits.

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