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Team Intros: Meet Kelsey!

This North Carolina native joins our campaign strategy team after graduating with a dual-degree in journalism and communications from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (such a smartie!). We have a Birchbox crush on Kelsey since not only does she love makeup—she has great tips from her sister who’s a makeup artist—she’s also obsessed with cheesecake. Yum. Here’s to you, Kelsey!
Kelsey Rozier, Brand Campaign Strategy Associate
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Unofficial role: Diet Coke Devotee
Fun fact: I won my 6th grade Boggle tournament. Challenge me to a game of Scramble with Friends to see my skills for yourself.

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Team Intros: Meet Dana!

Coming from a paralegal background at Weil, Gotshal, & Manges, this native Jersey girl is absolutely thrilled to join our world of nail polish and hairspray. Not only are her makeup and jewelry wardrobes to die for, but her obsession with chocolate-covered gummy bears ensures us that she’s a perfect fit for the Birchbox team. We’re so excited to be working with you, Dana!


Dana Aidekman, Merchandising & Marketing Associate

Hometown: Madison, NJ

Describe your work: I get to spend each day discovering amazing brands to share with our subscribers! 

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Team Intros: Meet Madison!

The members of the Birchbox Operations team (who you chat with by phone and email!) are some the friendliest, most upbeat staffers in the office. Operations Associate Madison is no exception to the rule. Not only can this Virginian sweetheart seriously rock a bright pink smile (see the picture below), she’s also earned some serious geek and pop-culture cred—Madison listens to the Game of Thrones books on her way to work. We’re so happy to have her!


Madison Amburn, Operations Associate

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Unofficial role: Candy and Snack Hoarder

Fun fact: I love plants, especially cactus. I have over 20 cacti plants in my house!

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Team Intros: Meet Curt!

Before making the leap into the startup world, Curt worked as a software and web developer for lifestyle titles like and Real Simple. Curt loves everything about the Birchbox office—the people, the bright space, and the brisk one mile walk to and from his apartment. Well Curt, we love having you too! Read on to learn more about this awesome engineer. 


Curt Helmerich, Senior Software Engineer

Hometown: Newark, Delaware

Unofficial role: Best Dressed in Tech

Fun fact: I’ve had a beard since October 2001.

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Team Intros: Meet Leah!

She’s the first person you see when you walk into Birchbox, she picks out all our tasty snacks, she keeps us neat and organized—she’s our People & Culture Associate Leah Colman! Born and raised in North Carolina, Leah is a die hard Tar Heel and treats us all to her Southern hospitality. She loves all Birchboxers and loves putting together our awesome team events (hello, group SoulCycle class), and finding us kickbutt perks like much-loved discounts and memberships. Read on to learn more about this true Southern lady.


Leah Colman, People & Culture Associate

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Unofficial role: Keeper of the Candy (I have about 500 Dum Dum’s in my desk—no joke.)

Fun fact: I have the smallest feet ever. Seriously, I wear a 4.5 in Women’s. I also was a dancer for about 18 years and traveled to Russia twice for dance competitions.

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Team Intros: Meet Amanda!

Amanda made quite the first impression before starting at Birchbox. When applying for her position as our Brand Campaign Strategy Associate, she pulled an Elle Woods and sprayed her résumé with Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy. It was a bit of a risk, but it looks like the trick worked for this FIT graduate! Outside of the office, Amanda is a major Martha Stewart-wannabe. She loves to up-cycle vintage furniture and has an extensive candle collection that she confesses may be a slight problem. Read on to find out more about Amanda!


Amanda Swanson, Brand Campaign Strategy Associate

Hometown: Buffalo, New York (Go Bills!)

Unofficial role: Beauty Closet Sheriff

Fun fact: I once hung out with Ben Savage (aka Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World). It was a ’90s dream come true.

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Team Intros: Meet Lucy!

Lucy is truly one-of-a kind as our lone Merchandise & Marketing Associate (a new position created just for her) where she helps keep other Beauty Partnership teammates stay on time and in line. But there is more to Lucy than just sales. Outside the office, she loves to bake, travel, and is an avid photographer and writer. She also has a penchant for presidential trivia, BBC’s Sherlock, and The Beach Boys. Not to mention, she makes a fantastic model as you can see below!


Lucy Baird, Merchandise & Marketing Associate

Hometown: Boylston, MA

Unofficial role: Beauty Partnership’s official little sister

Fun fact: Tim Gunn once complimented my outfit. 

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Team Intros: Meet Jennie!

Jennie came allllll the way from the Bay Area to join the Ops team and we’re excited that she decided to make Birchbox her new home! Unlike other recent additions to our team, Jennie is fresh out of graduate school where she earned a master’s in education—such a smarty!—and worked part-time at Madewell and J.Crew. (As if it wasn’t obvious from the pic below that she’s totally stylish.) She also loves reading and is a fan of both Harry Potter and Hunger Games. Spoiler alert: She uses Rue’s whistle as her ringtone.


Jennie Wong, Operations Associate

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Unofficial role: Lunchtime Linkmaster and Desk DJ

Fun fact: When I was in 5th grade, I met JK Rowling (!) and she signed my copy of Chamber of Secrets (!!). It was amazing.

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Team Intros: Meet Mike!

Birchbox wouldn’t be here without our talented tech team and we’re excited to introduce the newest addition—Mike! Coding may make our head spin, but for Mike it’s a way of life. He spent his early years writing BASIC code on a C64 and forcing his younger siblings to organize their Legos into groups based on color and function. Several years later, he graduated from Cornell with a BS in Industrial Engineering and the rest is history. Say hello – and coincidentally happy birthday! – to this tech guru. 


Mike Allen, Lead User Interface Engineer

Hometown: Trenton, New Jersey

Unofficial role: Eater of ramen

Fun fact: I play Dungeons and Dragons regularly and my character is a 14th level Elf mage named Nilthandross Netherknell.

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Team Intros: Meet Kyle!

Here’s a face you probably recognize! Kyle is Birchbox Man’s assistant editor and a regular in our videos. When he’s not starring in the latest sneak peek with editor Martin, or writing up a storm on the Birchbox Man Guide, you’ll probably find him on the golf course practicing his short game. Word on the street is that he can also school anyone in I Love Lucy trivia or obscure rap lyrics. 


Kyle Michas, Assistant Editor for Birchbox Man

Hometown: Stuart, Florida

Unofficial role: “The Tall Guy” (I’m 6’5”)

Fun fact: I love birds and wanted to be an ornithologist for the first 16 years of my life.

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