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Totally Crushing On: By Terry’s New Spring Line 

There are a handful of beauty products that I have a serious weakness for: Chanel nail polishes, Serge Lutens perfumes, and BY TERRY anything. So when I had the chance to stop by the brand’s spring preview last week, I was pretty pumped to check out their new lipsticks, polish, and a super scientific skincare addition. 

After buying the Rouge Terrybly lipstick in Frenetic Vermilion last spring—I’m obsessed—I became a convert to bold lip colors, but rarely find the right opportunity to wear it. (This is where every other Birchbox editor would say, “wear it literally all the time.”) After spending a week with their new Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge Hydra-balm lipstick, I’m pretty enamored. The formula includes hyaluronic acid to hydrate and it also has just the right amount of pigment to wear during the day at work or build for a deeper color when I’m heading out at night. 

I’m also loving their new Cellularose brightening serum. I’ve been using Kiehl’s Dark Spot Solution to help tend to errant marks lately—but this rose-based option is quickly becoming my new favorite. The gel-like solution uses white rose native cells to brighten skin and flower acids to help even out skin tone. After using it for even a few days, I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my complexion. 

The only downside? These products are a bit of a splurge, but in my opinion, totally worth it. Snag the hydrabalm lipstick for $35, and the Cellularose brightening serum for $117.


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Transition Your Skincare From Winter To Spring: Guest Blogger

Whether you’re looking for celebrity gossip, the best product for frizzy hair, or advice on what to wear to your cousin’s wedding, the gals at Lovelyish have got you covered. This week, a handful of the site’s staffers—Katie Kubiak, Annie Strole, and Allison Wheeler—are bringing their expertise to our blog in a series of five beauty and style how-tos.  


Winter (and all the lovely skin conditions that come with it) is still here, yet spring is right around the corner. Frankly, it’s a bit of a confusing time when it comes to shopping. Are you supposed to buy a sundresses or coats? Sandals or boots? 

Not only do our wardrobes change with the seasons, but our skin does too. Sure, you could wait ‘til spring comes to invest in a new seasonally appropriate beauty routine, but honestly you need a new moisturizerlike right now. 

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Hyaluronic Acid: Ingredient Decoder

Photo: Wei

I turned 24 a week ago and experienced a minor freakout moment. Before you roll your eyes, let me explain. While 24 is still young, I’m now officially in my mid-twenties, which means it’s time to start being a real adult. One requirement of adulthood: a skincare routine that goes beyond splashing my face with cold water. As I realized from looking at old Facebook photos, my skin just doesn’t look as fresh as it once did. My solution? Products infused with hyaluronic acid.

In case you haven’t heard the buzz, this ingredient is famed for its holding up to a thousand times its weight in water. But what does that mean? Brief chemistry lesson: hyaluronic acid may sound like a lab scientist’s invention, but it actually occurs naturally inside your skin. Located beneath the dermis (translation: outer layer), it helps your tissues stay hydrated. When you apply the ingredient to your skin’s surface, it plumps up your face by forming an elastic film of moisture and instantly smoothes rough surfaces. 

In addition to giving skin a dewy glow, hyaluronic acid is a lifesaver for those with super dry skin because it boosts the hydrating properties of your moisturizer. Try layering it under your favorite face cream in the winter months. Product picks after the jump!   

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