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We Love Artist Kenny Scharf’s Limited Edition Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Products

100% of profits from the Kiehl’s and Kenny Scharf collaboration will be donated to children’s charities around the world. (Photo:


We’re big-time fans of Kiehl’s products! These are our favorites. Which are yours?

Battle Royale References at Band of Outsiders

We loved the film-inspired concept behind Saturday’s Band of Outsiders show. Creative director Scott Sternberg looked to Japanese cult classic Battle Royale, which follows a class of ninth graders who are forced to fight for survival, while creating the collection. (Pop culture fun fact: In the last year, Battle Royale has often been referenced as a potential inspiration for the Hunger Games for somewhat obvious reason). The militaristic and feral influences inspired a clean, natural and slightly wild beauty look.

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Reading List: Anthropologie Lipstick, The Most Powerful Women in the World and More

(Photo: attackedastoria)

  • Anthropologie is launching a six piece lipstick collection later this month! The name, Albeit, and packaging is just as cute as we’d expect from them. [Glamour]
  • What happens when you take the phrase “nail art” literally? Some awesome, art-inspired manicures. Our favorite’s a tie between the Roy Lichtenstein and Van Gogh’s Starry Night. [Huffington Post]
  • Forbes’ annual list of the 100 most powerful women in the world is out, and we’ve been clicking through since yesterday. There are some rankings we expected (Angela Merkel at #1, Hillary Clinton at #2) and some others that were totally unexpected (Sheryl Sandberg #10 beat Oprah #11? Diane von Furstenberg #33 beat Anna Wintour #51? Wait, Shakira’s #40?). [Forbes]
  • The four granddaughters of Clarins founder Jacques Coutin-Clarins just started a beauty blog. There’s not much up there yet, but we can already tell it will be full of fun French joie de vivre. [Beauty Flash Blog]
  • Actor Sam Claflin will be playing the role of Finnick Odair in Catching Fire, the second installation of The Hunger Games trilogy. After tugging at our heart strings in Snow White and the Huntsman, we can’t wait to see this hunky Brit’s next silver screen performance. [E! Online]
  • This holiday season, NARS will be releasing a new collection inspired by Andy Warhol’s iconic prints and silkscreens. The pop-tastic makeup line is sure to help you channel your inner Factory Girl. [Huffington Post Canada]


What’s On the Birchbox Staffer’s Desk: Ops Manager, Emily

If we had to name just one style savante at Birchbox HQ, it would have to be Emily, our ops manager. First it was her shoes we oggled over, but now it’s her desk. Who else could house four drinks in her workspace and still keep clean? Click through to read about what else Emily keeps behind the walls of her cube.

1. Polaroids from the Birchbox one year anniversary party: Such a fun party! It was so exciting to celebrate our first year and even crazier to think of how far we’ve come in our second.

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4 Amazing Beauty Looks From Last Night’s MTV Movie Awards

I’m an award show devotee and in my opinion, the MTV Movie Awards is one of the best for fashion and beauty looks. Unlike at the Oscars or the Emmys, which are more buttoned up, the MTV Movie Awards give celebs an excuse to have fun on the red carpet. This year’s event didn’t disappoint: from short shorts and high buns to orange lips and peek-a-boo jumpsuits, here are my four favorite looks from last night.

Jessica Biel: One thing Jessica Biel knows how to do extremely well: balance. The beauty showed a lot of leg last night, but her dress kept her nicely covered up on top. What’s more, her stick-straight strands nicely offset her billowy sleeves. Plus, you’ve gotta love anyone who can sport a perfectly blunt fringe. 

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Paper Lashes Are The Coolest New Makeup Trend: Guest Blogger

Blair Badge is one multi-talented lady: she’s a social media manager, a beauty editor for fashion site Chictopia, a model, a newlywed and an all-around awesome gal with a penchant for witty banter. Her dreamy blog, love, blair, is a heady mix of all her talents in one and we can’t get enough of her style and beauty advice. This week, she’s sharing her DIY beauty tips, like how to create a pretty custom lip color and how to get perfect beachy waves.

(Photo: Paperself)

I never would have considered paper lashes if it wasn’t for The Hunger Games movie, which showcased Effie Trinket (a.k.a. Elizabeth Bank) wearing them in tons of promo shots. I know, I totally got pulled into the whole Katniss craze!

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VIDEO: Hunger Games-Inspired Dutch Braid

If you’ve mastered the French braid already, it’s time to move on to something a bit more advanced. Watch this week’s tutorial, where Mollie shows us how to get a Dutch braid. If it looks familiar it’s probably because we’re drawing inspiration from Katniss Everdeen, the awesome heroine of the Hunger Games. 

Find all our favorite products for creating hair magic in the Birchbox Shop.

Survival Tips For The 74th Hunger Games

We’ve been waiting for months and the 74th Hunger Games are finally here…tonight! Although some of you may have already seen it—the film did make a record-breaking $19.7 million at its midnight showings last night—we’re sure many of you will be there tonight and the rest of this weekend just like us. To prepare you for the thrilling experience, we’ve put together a few survival tips. In other words, what would we hope to find in our own bright orange backpack. 

1. Do dress the part: You’re not really a fan unless you dress up for the movies. We recommend wearing at least one of the following: The Katniss Braid, themed nails, a Mockingjay pin, or Capitol-appropriate lip tattoos from Violent Lips. Or you can always channel President Snow and spritz on some Blood Concept Fragrance.

2. Do boost your energy before the show starts: You’re going to want to be alert and paying attention for the full two hours and twenty two minutes so drink an e-boost on the way in.

3. Don’t load up on the soft drinks: We’ll probably ignore our own advice but it would be a real tragedy to have to run to the bathroom halfway through The Reaping. How will you know whose names Effie pulls?

4. Do stock up on Tums: We’re definitely going to be gorging on loads of popcorn and candy tonight. The last thing we want to do is ruin the movie with a tummyache so we’ll be throwing some stomach-soothing meds in our purses for easy access.

5. Do wear comfortable shoes: Chances are you’ll be standing on line to get a seat for quite a while. Plus, Katniss would approve of your practicality. We’re digging these laidback grey Toms.


Not a fan? Spend your night catching up on this month’s Birchbox magazine instead!

Ode to Effie: Hunger Games Countdown

It’s finally here! Tomorrow, The Hunger Games (a.k.a the world’s-greatest-movie-ever) is hitting theaters. In honor of our favorite YA-lit trilogy and the release of the much-anticipated first film, we present you with a week of Panem-inspired posts. Today, a tribute to Effie Trinket.

Photo: IFC

Technically, Effie Trinket is one of the bad guys. As one of the official escorts, she’s the one who brings Peeta and Katniss from District 12 to the Capitol for the Hunger Games and represents the callousness of the Capitol inhabitants. But between her outlandish outfits, her catchy tagline (may the odds be ever in your favor), and her moments of sparring with Haymitch Abernathy, she becomes one of the series’ most endearing characters. By the looks of the movie’s trailers and teaser images, the on-screen Effie will be just as memorable—actress Elizabeth Banks pulls out all the stops, with technicolor makeup, to-die-for nail art, and insanely cool false lashes. While we’re not planning on recreating any of her looks anytime soon—not until Halloween, that is—we do have a few quick ways you can make her proud.

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Get The Katniss Braid!: Hunger Games Countdown

It’s finally here! This Friday, The Hunger Games a.k.a worlds-greatest-movie-ever, is hitting theaters. In honor of our favorite YA-lit trilogy, and the release of the much-anticipated first film, we present you with a week of Panem-inspired posts. Today: how to get Katniss’ signature badass braid.

Despite the fact that Katniss, the heroine of The Hunger Games, is dealt a pretty terrible hand in life (poverty, starvation, fighting other children to the death), every girl who reads the book wants to be her. Or, should we say, every girl wants to be able to kick butt the way she does. Katniss is a survivor! While most of us will never be able to wield a bow and arrow quite like she does, or be as selfless as she is (offering herself up as tribute in Prim’s place? What a martyr!), we can all replicate one facet of Katniss: her killer braid. 

Click through to find out how to get the style!

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