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Pure Yoga’s Loren Bassett on the Best Yoga Poses for Everything

After the relative calm of August, September marks the beginning of the always-bananas fall. It’s no wonder that this is also National Yoga Month—we can all use a reminder to take a few deep breaths. And, while the Birchbox eds are big yogis (at home and on the road), we know there are plenty of you who are yet to be sold. That’s why we’ve asked Pure Yoga to give us some tips on bringing yoga into our everyday.


(Photo: Pure Yoga)

We’ve all had days when something happens that makes us want to EEEE! at the top of our lungs or when we feel like we’re moving through molasses. When that happens there are some simple yoga postures that can help. Pure Yoga’s Loren Bassett breaks it down.

When you’re stressed: Child’s Pose and Savasana are beautifully relaxing and grounding postures, calming the nervous system and promoting relaxation.

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My Fitness Plan For Summer: Twice A Week on

You may have noticed by now that Birchbox staffers are a particularly fitness-loving bunch. We have workday workouts to help us stay in shape during business hours, and we are devotees of everything from SoulCycle to bootcamp to rock climbing. So it goes without saying that if a website suddenly existed that would let us find and schedule all the exercise classes we love, no matter where we are in the country, it would be at the top of our bookmark list.

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