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Passing the Torch: Teaching Your Younger Sister Skincare

I was that kid who was always trying to grow up too fast. I would hoard my cousin’s Teen magazines, sneak into my mom’s vanity to play with her makeup, and wear a purse at all times (even though my most valuable possessions were a Gelly Roll pen and a glitter-encrusted diary).

But while I had a very clear grown-up aesthetic in other parts of my life, the one area where I could never quite get my footing was with my beauty products. All of the brands I saw were either too kiddy or too serious—what I needed during those oh-so-vulnerable years was something like willa. This skincare line was created by a tween and her mom, so it’s extra girl-friendly, and all the products are made without harmful chemicals or ingredients!

My boyfriend’s little sister Angela turned 10 this year. When she started asking me why I use that “weird thingie” to clamp my eyelashes and if I could get her more of that color-changing nail polish from Birchbox, I knew her beauty curiosity was beginning. 

Angela is super athletic (seriously—she’s like a fish in the water and her lacrosse skills are insane!), so I figured an introduction to skincare would be a good place to start. The dreaded pimply teenage years are still a little ways away for her, but they can be avoided if you start practicing good skin hygiene early.

I got her Willa’s simple 2-step skincare routine featuring their Start Fresh Foaming Face Wash and Face Friendly Clear Face Moisturizer after discovering it in the Head of the Class limited edition box. Angela liked how the face wash started as a liquid and worked into a foamy lather when she massaged it in. And it “smelled sooo good!” Even better, its botanical extracts work together to cleanse the skin but are gentle enough to leave Angela’s sensitive skin super soft. To seal in moisture, I had her follow up with Willa’s non-greasy moisturizer. Its texture is most similar to a serum, so it’s super light and absorbs easily. Plus it’s chock full of ingredients like aloe, green tea, mango, vitamin C, and eucalyptus to balance and protect the skin.

This is just the tip of the beauty iceberg, but I’m hoping that if she adopts a simple skincare routine like this now, she’ll be more likely to keep her gorgeous complexion (and self-esteem) once those finicky teenage years start.


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5 Ways to Sparkle with Color Club Sequins


Summer is ending and for our younger subscribers, that means school is right around the corner. Be sure to start the semester in style with help from our limited edition Head of the Class box, which is filled with A+ goodies including Color Club’s Sequin Nail Art Kit. Whether your back-to-school look is preppy or edgy, nail art is a great way to express your style (even if you have to wear uniforms!). Here are five ways to master your manicure using these snazzy sequins.

All-Over Glitz (thumb): For the ultimate in sequins, begin by painting one nail with one to two coats of nail polish (I’m using Ruffian Delirium). Pour a small amount of sequins onto a dish or tabletop, and while the polish is still tacky, dip the front of your nail in the sequins. Gently push down on the sequins to secure them to your nail, brushing away any excess. Use a clear top coat to seal the look. Continue nail by nail until you’ve completed your manicure. We love adding sparkle to one “statement nail” while leaving the rest simply polished.

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