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How To Wear a Head Scarf Tutorial: Guest Blogger

This week we have a special treat in store for all of our blog readers: a guest vlogger! Our latest video star is none other than YouTube whiz Rachel Martino. A Brooklyn resident, she excels at hair, makeup, all things personal style, and, oh, French, too. (Fun fact: she has a separate YouTube channel en Francais!) Check back each day this week for more from this multitalented fashion and beauty maven. 

Be sure to check Rachel out on her blogtwitter, her Youtube channel, and her French YouTube channel!

How to Get the Perfect Sock Bun—Without the Sock

I’m lucky enough to have low-maintenance hair that dries straight without any effort on my part. Great, I know. But, that also means my hair is slippery and texture-free, which means I need to take extra steps to achieve a fun bun/poofy pony/messy braid. This morning, Meredith helped me turn my ho-hum hair into a fun ballerina-style bun (above). Here’s how we did it:

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The Tucked Away French Braid: Guest Blogger

Along with makeup artists, hairstylists rank pretty high on our list of people we’d like to have around all the time. That’s just one reason we’re so excited to have hairstylist Kate Bryan guest blogging for us today. The other reason? We’re obsessed with her blog, The Small Things, which covers beauty, jewelry, and — you guessed it — the small things in life. Check back for her posts all week!

Today I’m going to share one of my favorite hairstyles, the Tucked Away French Braid. This style is perfect for getting some hair out of your face. Plus, braids are so in style right now. Nearly every hair length can attempt this technique, so give it a try!

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Cool, And Surprisingly Easy, Upside Down French Pony

Images from the Stephane Rolland fall/winter 2011 haute couture show.

While all the fashion at the haute couture shows (going on right now in Paris) is only aspirational, sometimes the beauty looks are actually attainable. At the Stephane Rolland fall/winter 2011 show yesterday, models’ lofty gowns and bold embellishments were accented by very dark makeup and one of the coolest hairstyles I’ve seen in a while: an upside down French ponytail. While I’m not crazy about the way that the hair was finished, with an oversize floppy loop resting on the forehead, I adore the very funky vertebrae-like back. Though it seems complicated, when I looked closer, I realized it’s actually really easy to achieve. Here’s how to get the style:

Start with a small amount of hair at the base of your neck and secure it into a pony with an elastic. Next, gather a little more loose nearby hair, pull it into your existing pony, and fasten with an elastic. Keep building your pony this way (like you would a French braid) until you hit the crown of your head. At this point, I would recommend putting the rest of your hair up in a bun instead of extending it any further (as they did in the show) for a truly wearable style.

Would you try this look?


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