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Celeb Stylist Mitch Stone’s Desert Island Hair Kit


Yesterday morning, I received an urgent text message from Rachel, one of our powerhouse brand team managers. “Celeb stylist Mitch Stone, totally amazing. Running late OMG.” I used my powers of deduction to figure out that the snow had delayed Rachel, and that she was keeping a very important hair guru waiting in our office. 

Since I love nothing more than chatting up experts, I was happy to hang out with Stone and talk about his new haircare line. The LA-based stylist has quite the resume—in addition to working with stars like Tyra Banks, Ben Stiller, and Blake Lively, he’s been a spokesperson for top brands like Pantene and Gillette. Now he’s channeled his experience into a well-edited line of styling products. 

Stone’s approach was two-fold: vitamins and essentials. “I was noticing that brands were putting vitamins into shampoos and conditioners but not into the products that stayed in hair all day,” he says. He worked with chemists to create a proprietary vitamin complex (VcompS), which includes reparative vitamin B5, protective vitamin C, among others. It protects and hydrates hair to keep it healthy, no matter how much you tease, blow dry, or curl it. 


Stone uses Texturizing Spray to amp up Rachel’s straight-out-of-bed hair.

As for the essentials part? Stone says, “I wanted to create a ‘desert island’ line. These are the products I use on every single shoot, on all hair types.” There’s the Lustre Drops, an argan-infused serum that disappears into hair almost immediately, and a light Texturizing Spray that Stone used to beef up Rachel’s hair on the spot—without any heat. Rounding things out are two hairsprays: Session Spray, which gives you non-tacky flexible hold, and Set in Stone, a heavy-duty finisher. 

Desert island kit? Throw in a hairbrush and an adorable patterned blow dryer and I’m done.


Thinking about coloring your hair? Read Mitch Stone’s cardinal rules first. 

How to Trim Your Own Bangs: Guest Blogger

We’re big fans of this week’s guest blogger, Natalie Higdon. Not only is she a Tennessee resident and a connoisseur of all things Memphis; she’s also a contributor to the Birchbox magazine! (Don’t miss her stellar article on 5 Surprising Facts About SPF). This week, she interviews a hot new singer, reveals her favorite two-in-one products, and schools us on how to trim our own bangs.  

When I was 12, I was determined to trim my own bangs, so I slowly cut a straight line across my forehead. Result: one side was definitely higher than the other. So I cut another straight line. Then another. And another, until my bangs were roughly 1 mm long.

Don’t let this happen to you! I spoke with Taylor Ingram, Cutting Specialist with Paul Mitchell The School in Costa Mesa, California, to find out how to trim your bangs the right way:

1. Keep It Dry
Cutting wet bangs is a bad idea—Taylor has seen some jump from right above the eyebrows to the middle of the forehead once dry. “You should style your bangs – not just air dry them—before trimming,” he says.

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Birchbox + Oscar Blandi Event This Saturday in NYC

Co-founder Katia checking out the wares at the Birchbox pop up earlier this week.

A week ago, we opened our Birchbox Discovery Shop inside New York’s too-cool A Startup Store. It’s high time for a party, don’t ya think? This Saturday, we’re partnering with Oscar Blandi for a fun, hair-centric event. If you’re in New York, come by for hair makeovers, fun gift with purchases, and more.

From 4pm-7pm, hair stylist extraordinaire Josh Farrington will giving mini hair makeovers. He’ll show you how to use Blandi’s beloved dry shampoo to create a sassy style that’s worthy of a Saturday night debut. Spots are first-come-first-serve, though, so come early to grab an appointment.

Prefer not to get your hair done? Stop by anyway and check out our favorite holiday gift picks (plus Birchbox subscriptions, of course). Plus, Birchboxers who love (or fall in love post-makeover) with the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo and purchase a full size bottle will also snag a second Blandi product for free.

Saturday, December 10th


A Startup Store

144 Tenth Avenue at 19th St

If you can’t make it to the shop but still crave some Birchbox love, stop by our online shop and pick up some treats.  

Tools of the Trade: Guest Blogger

Along with makeup artists, hairstylists rank pretty high on our list of people we’d like to have around all the time. That’s just one reason we’re so excited to have hairstylist Kate Bryan guest blogging for us today. The other reason? We’re obsessed with her blog, The Small Things, which covers beauty, jewelry, and — you guessed it — the small things in life. Check back for her posts all week!

Have you every heard of the phrase, you are only as good as your tools? I think that’s partially true. The person holding the tools has to know what they are doing, and be able to use the tools properly.

So when it comes to styling hair, the right tools can make all the difference!

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How to Wear Braid Nests Updos: Guest Blogger

We’re all too aware of how insane magazine deadlines can be, which is why we’re amazed how editors can muster up the energy to blog in their spare time. And yet, somehow they do. This week, Nykia Spradley and Ayren Jackson-Cannady, the expert duo behind Gloss Daily, the Ladies’ Home Journal beauty blog, are on board for five days of expert tips, product recommendations, and more. 

Forget what you’ve heard: braids are no longer reserved for 5-year olds and Pippi Longstocking. This year we’ve seen TONS of grown women (on runways, red carpets, and in real life) wearing the fun style. “There’s been a resurgence of braided updos because we’ve found some ways to modernize the look,” says Jenna Goldate of John Barrett Salon’s popular Braid Bar. But, suppose you can’t make it to the salon to score a trendy braided chignon of your own? Try this DIY at home.

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Fall’s Hottest Hats and How to Wear Them

We’re dying to wear fall’s trendy new hats but these accessories have always been a bit intimidating. Our favorite stylist, Jeff Chastain, along with the always chic milliner Satya Twena, shows us a few easy styles to complement any hat. Are you a total hat lover or a bit hesitant? Let us know in the comments!

Find out more about Satya Twena, her beauty favorites and why she says anyone can wear hats in our Beauty in Action feature!

Stylist Jeff Chastain’s Short Hair Survival Guide

Stylist Jeff Chastain in all his tattooed glory.

As a long hair devotee, I never realized the trials of dealing with short locks. (Who knew being able to put your hair in a ponytail was such a blessing?) But as my good friend Geraldine tells me again and again, short hair is much harder to style, despite, you know, its shortness. After hearing her complain about bedhead, untameable cowlicks, and other issues, I finally took her to the master: stylist Jeff Chastain. He was full of advice — so much so that we’re filming a video with him this week (you’ll see it next month!). Here are some of his best short hair tips.

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