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W Magazine Releases Four Different Covers for Their 40th Anniversary

Scarlett Johansson represents the punk glam of the ’90s while Keira Knightley embodies the modern woman of the ’00s. (Photo:

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Pictures from Anne Hathaway’s Wedding Revealed!

Anne Hathaway tied the knot this weekend wearing a custom Valentino gown.


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Reading List: Fashion Week Metamorphosis, Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Gig, J. Lawrence on W

  • Model-Morphosis, our favorite NYTimes feature, is back for the season! We could spend hours scrolling back and forth to see before and afters of the backstage makeup and hair. [NYTimes]
  • Jessica Chastain’s new video for Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto fragrance is out! It involves loads of purple paint, a color that Monsieur Laurent considered the height of seduction. If we looked as good as Chastain covered in pigment we probably would have pursued finger-painting a bit longer. [Huffington Post
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is the new star of a six-month global Max Factor campaign. But since the makeup brand isn’t sold in North America, we won’t be seeing it here. She also recently took on the role of ambassador for Hugo Boss’ women’s fragrance, Boss Nuit Pour Femme. [WWD
  • Social media has become a HUGE part of Fashion Week. If you’re not instagramming and tweeting, you’re nobody. With so many hashtags flying around, who came out on top? You may be surprised by the answer. [Refinery29
  • Jennifer Lawrence (love her!) is on the cover of the new W in loads of feathers, accompanied by various feathered friends. We’re on board if this is a reference to the Mockingjay but we do wish she was looking a tad happier. [Jezebel


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Margot Tenenbaum, My Movie Character Beauty Inspiration: Guest Blogger

We’re big fans of this week’s guest blogger, Natalie Higdon. Not only is she a Tennessee resident and a connoisseur of all things Memphis; she’s also a contributor to the Birchbox magazine! (Don’t miss her stellar article on 5 Surprising Facts About SPF). This week, she interviews a hot new singer, reveals her favorite two-in-one products, and schools us on how to trim our own bangs.  

Margot Tenenbaum, from Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums, is one of my favorite chain-smoking, compulsive lying characters ever. She’s also my No. 1 pick for my Halloween costume this year. While I look for a full-length faux fur coat, check out my makeup picks to get her look (cigarettes and wooden finger not included):

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You’ll Never Believe The Color Gwyneth Paltrow Dyed Her Ends!


When it comes to my Hollywood hair crushes, Gwyneth Paltrow ranks right up there. In fact, in 1999, I dyed my blonde hair super-dark brown after seeing a picture of the actress with brunette strands for her role in Bounce. (Side note: While it obviously looked amazing on Gwynnie, it was a terrible choice for me and I have never ventured brown since.) After more than a decade of following her hair transformations, I am always awed by her gorgeous choices, but she’s never shocked me with her style—until now. 

Click through to see Gwyneth’s new hair look!

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Five Questions For Celebrity Makeup Artist Kristofer Buckle

Photo: Teen Vogue

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to pick the brain of Kristofer Buckle, a genius makeup artist who’s worked with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively. As if those credentials weren’t impressive enough, Buckle is currently the makeup artist on the set of The X Factor, my latest T.V. guilty pleasure. Click through to learn his top tips and tricks!

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Gwyneth Paltrow Sans Makeup (And Slouching)!


I happen to be a huge Gwyneth Paltrow fan, and while I know that many don’t share my POV, I think everyone should agree that the actress’s recent laid-back book signing was a pretty cool move. Looking straight off the beach (in fact, is that a bikini strap around her neck?!?), the blonde beauty showed up to an event for her cookbook, My Father’s Daughter, in East Hampton over the weekend wearing a tee, cutoffs, and zero makeup.

Quite obviously, she doesn’t need anything to look gorgeous, but I love how relaxed she looks. This sort of intimate, and very real, appearance is something you so rarely see from A-listers these days. Gwynie will always be one of my favorites, but this small act of real-ness just made me like her even more.


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Top 10 Hair and Makeup Looks At The Met Gala

It’s always fun to see celebs go overboard for the annual Met Gala. I love all the glamour and drama — it’s an irresistible combo. This year was no exception, with many a famous face going far beyond overboard and into the realm of just plain old bad. (I refuse to name names, and since everyone has seen the pictures by now, much of it goes without saying.) Instead, I’d rather focus on the good, and the truly stellar. There were several stars that fit that bill last night. Below are my favorite hair and makeup looks from the event — who do you think were the true standouts?

Best Long and Loose: Blake Lively and Gwyneth Paltrow both wore their hair down last night in soft, cascading waves. Everything from the shine to the soft curls to the long layers is captivating and enviable. Forget Goop and Gossip Girl, these two leading ladies should start a haircare line. It would sell through the roof.

Best Use of Color: Makeup is meant to be fun, so it’s great to see actresses experimenting vibrant colors. Ginnifer Goodwin single-handedly has me rethinking blue shadow—her eyes look incredible!—and Emma Stone reaffirms my obsession with fuchsia lipstick.  

Best Updos: Updos on a major red carpet are a dime a dozen, but Ashley Greene and Amy Adams really stood out. Greene’s low-slung side bun is incredibly elegant and Adams’ forehead-skimming braid has me itching to experiment with romantic plaits.

Best Hollywood Retro Look: Leave it to A-lister Diane Kruger to perfectly pull-off Old Hollywood Glamour, from her sculpted tendrils to her bright red pucker. Up-and-comer Emma Roberts also sported the same retro hair, but chose to pair it with more natural makeup for a younger, sweeter look.

Best Short Hair: Brooklyn Decker’s lob (a.k.a. long bob) has been a recent obsession of mine, and could she have picked a better dress to highlight her new cut? (The answer, in case you were wondering, is no.) Even though Decker is still my hair crush of the moment, I give major props to Michelle Williams who yet again rocked a super-pretty pixie—that style soooo does not work on everyone.


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What Are Gwennie, Natalie, and Rachel McAdams’ Fave Green Beauty Brands?

You’d be forgiven if you associate the term ‘natural regimen’ with convention-rejecting hippies that rock their uneven complexions and lifeless hair with pride. But more and more, green is not just chic — it’s sexy. Opting into an environmentally-conscious lifestyle by no means necessitates the sacrifice of glamor or sex appeal. To meet the demand for eco-beauty, tons of brands have popped onto the radar over the past few years: Weleda, Jurlique, Dr. Hauschka, Suki,  and Juice Beauty, just to name a few. These companies’ commitment to green differs (some pride themselves on their ingredients, other on their minimal packaging, and some on their kind manufacturing practices), but they’re all making investments because this is not just a passing fad, it’s a way of life.

And no surprise, some of my favorite Hollywood leading ladies — Natalie Portman, Rachel McAdams, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Alicia Silverstone — are all advocates of green beauty.

As Paltrow puts it on her blog, GOOP (btw, she calls blogging “gooping” as in “I think I gooped about this before…”):

“Going green” is no longer just the ideology of left-wing hippies. Nor is it a trend. We are living in exciting times. We are confronted with the challenge of sustaining our food, our water and our environment. We are changing things. It’s big.

Some of Paltrow’s favorites brands are ones that we heart too, like Pangea Organics and Weleda.

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Oscars Superlatives

Photo: Just Jared

Is it us or was last night’s show a snooze? Really, between James Franco’s dazed countenance (what on earth is he on?) and the lack of drama, we were almost wishing Kanye would show up to shake things up. As for the fashion, there were some definite wins (and fails), but all in all, it was a pretty low energy lot. Here, our completely subjective picks and pans:

Misplaced Accessories: A tie. First, there was Amy Adams, whose ’90s-style lariat necklace marred an otherwise inoffensive Starry Night-inspired dress. And then Gwyneth Paltrow, who looked positively stunning (is that what a vegan diet does for you?) and toned in a molten metallic Calvin Klein dress—except for that strange brooch anchoring her hip. Minus that, she was a major win.

Role Model: We know, we’re like Helen Mirren fan girls over here. But really, she is just an absolute stunner—and endlessly classy. We could all take a few lessons from her.

Lessons in Lace: Scarlett Johansson’s boho waves and simple makeup looked dreamy, but her eggplant Dolce & Gabbana lace dress reminded us too much of grandma’s curtains. Mila Kunis, on the other hand, was spot on in her frothy Elie Saab number. The lavender worked perfectly against her skin tone, and the peekaboo aspect of the lace kept it from being too froufrou.

Age Approps: True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld looked like a darling princess in her nude Marchesa gown, and held her own on the red carpet. We’re predicting big things from this mega-talented 14-year-old (here’s hoping she stars in the upcoming Hunger Games adaptation!).

A+ for Effort: Co-host Anne Hathaway clocked in a whopping eight costume changes — no small feat, considering the majority of the dresses were impressively form-fitting. What does it say about her choices that our favorite was her adorable tuxedo?

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