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6 Eye-Brightening Tricks to Try This Weekend

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. And tired, puffy peepers can reveal your age, sleep depravation, or last night’s over indulgence in one too many cocktails. Even if your social calendar is jam-packed, this President’s Day Weekend is the perfect time to offload some serious undereye baggage. Use these brightening tricks to help you look fully rested come Tuesday morning:


Another tip to keep tired-looking eyes at bay? Remove your eye makeup every night. We love Lancôme’s BI-FACIL, which effectively removes liner, eyeshadow, and mascara. 

Pop Quiz: What do Raquel Welch and the Cast of Sex & the City Have in Common?


You might be surprised to find out that all five of these incredibly successful, gorgeous women all have one thing in common (besides being silver screen stars): wrinkle-banishing beauty brand Frownies. Raquel Welch professed a love for Frownies Facial Patches in her aptly titled autobiography Beyond the Cleavage, while Sex & the City’s makeup artist Eve Pearl confessed that the brand’s Wrinkle Treatment was an on-set essential. But our current Frownies fave, which some of you will be receiving in your Birchbox this month, are the revitalizing Eye Gels patches.

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