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3 Quick Tricks for Buns: Hairistocracy

We’re guilty of sticking with the same hair cut for years—if it’s not broke, why fix it? — but that can be a little boring. But not everyone has our issue. Paulina, one of our amazing operations associates, is always eyeing new cuts and styles. She’ll be sharing her tress inspiration and tips every other week here in her column, Hairistocracy.

We’re big fans of Free People’s bohemian chic aesthetic so it’s no surprise that their blog, BLDG 25, is a go-to source for fashion inspiration. Recently we’ve started looking to them for beauty inspiration as well, especially after seeing this too-cute video featuring three different styles of buns. 

It’s a great reminder of how versatile buns can be. Whether you wear yours pulled-apart and messy or sleek and classic, it’s a style that frames your face and makes you look pulled together. Let us know in the comments: How do you wear your bun? Have you tried all three of the techniques from the video?


You’ll need a good hairspray to get buns to stay put while you’re on the go.

The Perfect Way to Dress Up Your Drab Pony

Try as I might to do amazing things with my hair every day (I actually love to experiment—check out my messy side-swept updo video tutorial here), most days I just slick my hair back into a ponytail. In the Birchbox world, boring hair is tantamount to just not caring enough, so I was thrilled when I stumbled across these Free People ponytail cuffs. So cute, so chic, and so freaking easy! My favorite is definitely the Navajo design, but the stingray print is also very sophisticated and pretty. 

How do you dress up your pony? Have you ever used a ponytail cuff?


If you’re looking for an even dressier pony, check out our party pony video tutorial