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How to Make a Floral Crown, Courtesy of Birchbox UK

Inspired by the totes perfect-for-summer ethereal floral crown trend, Birchbox designer Victoria made a step-by-step video showing us how to create the romantic summer accessory.

Dying for the written instructions on how to put this floral look together? Find out more on the Birchbox UK blog.

If you’re obsessed with the floral crown look—you can build your very own floral crown wardrobe with these gorgeous DIYs.

How to Make a DIY Fresh Flower Crown


From weddings to music festivals, flower crowns are everywhere these days. They’re the ultimate spring accessory and make even the rainiest of days that much brighter. Best of all, they’re totally easy to make yourself.

I do have to admit that before this project, I’d never actually made a flower crown before. But with plenty of them floating around on Tumblr and Pinterest, I’d gotten enough of an idea to be able to craft this one from scratch. So I know you can do it too!


Here are the items you’ll need to make your own flower crown:

  • 4–5 different fresh flowers, greens, etc.
  • Heavy gauge floral wire
  • Green floral tape
  • Scissors or wire cutters

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6 DIY Floral Crowns to Try Right Now

We can hardly believe it, but May is already here—and that can only mean one thing: May Day! This bright spring festival is celebrated throughout the Northern hemisphere, and festivities often include dancing around a maypole and crowning one lucky lady the May Queen.

While we all can’t be official festival queens, we can feel like one with our own flower crowns. Fake or real, these crowns are incredibly easy to make yourself, and can be made from any variety of colors or blossoms. Not sure where to start? Here are 6 DIY crown tutorials that you can either follow to a T or simply use as floral inspiration:

1. Kelli Murray
I love how big this crown is and that Kelli Murray used only pastel tones for a more subdued version. Sophia Coppola would approve. 

2. bleubird vintage
James at bleubird put this bright crown together for around $15 and had lots of leftover supplies. Crown making party, anyone?

3. Refinery29
DIY superstar Kiersten Stevens and Refinery29 teamed up to create this colorful headpiece that works for both brides-to-be and festival attendees. 

4. I Spy DIY
I’m a fan of this crown because it’s really simple and made with fresh flowers! It’s perfect to wear at a picnic or a weekend farmer’s market.

5. Honestly…WTF
This is by far my favorite of the bunch. I love how they group the flowers into mini bouquets to make the building process easier and quicker to rearrange. 

6. hellobee
Daisy chains aren’t just for kids! (Remember those from elementary school?) Take it back to the playground with this wire-free crown from hellobee. 


The princess roll hairstyle would look downright royal with the addition of a floral crown. Just be sure to place all your flowers toward the front!