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5 Healthy Ways to Detox Post-Turkey Day


Can we go ahead and call it? Thanksgiving is the most epic of holidays. It’s one of the only times when eating as much as possible is not only acceptable behavior but downright celebrated. The only downside is that all that stuffing tends to leave us, well, stuffed. Before you bid a tearful goodbye to your skinny jeans forever or opt for more drastic measures, turn to this roundup for a little wellness inspiration. Our detox menu will blast away bloat and ensure you kick off the approaching New Year (yeah, remember resolutions?) as the picture of good health. 

1. Take 10

Think staying healthy requires a hefty time commitment? Think again. Each of these wellness breaks only takes ten minutes or less to complete. Make them a part of your daily routine, and we guarantee you’ll see a difference, inside and out.

2. Take it to the Streets

And by streets, we of course mean taking your fitness quest to the great outdoors. When temperatures plummet, runners fall in one of two categories: those who resign themselves to the treadmill, and those who layer up and tough it out. Planning to brave the elements? Here’s a checklist of the apparel, equipment, and grooming goods you’ll need.

3. Hunker Down

Often, it’s not a lack of will power but a lack of free time that keeps us from our daily sweat sesh. The solution? Maintain a small, well-curated collection of tools and weapons for your touch screen that will actually serve you well. Here are seven of our favorite apps to help you streamline your routine and simplify your life.

4. Workout, Anywhere

There’s no need to abandon your exercise while traveling. These easy poses by yoga rebel Tara Stiles, founder of New York studio Strala Yoga, will help you de-stress, beat jet lag, recover from plane-induced tummy troubles, and more. Best of all, you can do them anywhere—even a tiny hotel room.

5. Get Your Chocolate Fix

Who says healthy foods can’t taste good? Created by Dr. Lipman and goop, this rich smoothie combines raw cacao (yes, chocolate), honey, and a couple secret ingredients. Find out how to make this creamy treat and why it’s so good for you.


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