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Today is National Bubble Bath Day—Go Hop in the Tub!

It appears that women used to wear makeup and hair ribbons when they took baths. Looks like we need a quick refresher on tying bows. (Photo: Rebelle Society

Like every other New Yorker I know, I can’t remember the last time I’ve taken a bath.  The prospects of scrubbing my moldy prewar tub, then proceeding to ignore the knocks of my roommate as I hog the bathroom, seem a bit daunting. Lately, though, I’ve been dying to inaugurate a weekly series of long, relaxing soaks—even if I spark an apartment feud. As luck would have it, today is National Bubble Bath Day (no really! it is), and the abundance of awesome bath products out there have inspired me to take the plunge. Here are my current faves for a little Me time in the tub:

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Ancient Roman-Inspired Baths Come to NYC

New York already has its fair share of outstanding bathhouses—from the old school Russian & Turkish Baths in the East Village to the near-mythical Spa Castle in Queens. Or so I’ve heard. To tell you the truth, I’ve steered clear of these institutions in the past because the idea of communal spa-going has always conjured up images of bumping knees with naked strangers in overcrowded Jacuzzis. But I think I’ve finally found a bathhouse that satisfies my desire for semi-privacy: the AIRE Ancient Baths, a candelit haven that opened in a converted Tribeca textile factory last month. 

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