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Movember Inspiration, Benefit Brows, Crazy Photoshop GIFs, and More

We know you don’t have oodles of time to browse through everything on the Birchbox blog and in the magazine each week. Here’s a short list of the top blog posts, articles, videos, and news that we don’t want you to miss.

1. Birchbox x Youtube: Do you subscribe to Birchbox on Youtube? (You should!) Our Youtube channel is packed with videos sharing advice on a variety of things, from how to apply liquid eyeliner to how to pack the perfect travel case, and more. Come take a look!

2. Movember Inspiration: Douglas Friedman—respected photographer, daring traveler, and the charismatic face behind a serious ‘stache—kickstarts Movember in this charming video interview.

3. Beauty Buzz: UK Edition: Our team across the pond quizzed their beauty editors on what makes them tick, from their go-to treatments to the “non-beauty” treats they’re looking forward to this fall.

4. Brow Tips from #AskBenefit: This week the brow experts at Benefit schooled us on how to handle everything from bleaching to over-plucking. Here, we share our top five most useful tips.

5. An Unsettling Photoshop Transformation: We couldn’t help but weigh in on the controversial Photoshop GIFs that made the rounds on the ‘net this week.


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Top 5 Brow Grooming Tips from the #AskBenefit Twitter Chat


Maintaining your brows can be a handful. Thankfully Jared Bailey, the brow wizard at Benefit, was kind enough to share his beauty expertise with us yesterday in a fun and informative Twitter chat. He schooled us on everything from bleaching to over-plucking, and now our notebooks overflow with new tricks—we’re Benebabes for life. Here are our top five most helpful tips gleaned from yesterdays chat: 

1. “Pencil is going to be for definition, gel is to tame.”

2. When bleaching your brows, “Be careful! Bleaching around your eyes can be dangerous. Consult a brow artist in person.”

3. When trimming your brows, “Proceed with extreme caution. The key is to brush them up and trim them like a bonsai tree: very gently.”

4. “Work your natural arch! Since everyone’s brows are different, cookie-cutter styles and stencils simply won’t do.”

5. Over-plucked? “Visit a Brow Bar here for brow mapping. For a quick fix, sweep your bangs to the side!”

Want more eye-opening brow tips? You can read through the entire chat with #AskBenefit


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