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How To: Fix the Most Common Brow Problems


When done well, a perfectly shaped and filled in eyebrow can highlight your features and draw attention to your eyes. The trouble is, it’s no easy feat whipping a set of unruly or barely there brows into shape. Luckily, we asked brow guru Sania Vucetaj, the owner of Sania’s Brow Bar in New York, to tell us how to score sleek arches, no matter what you’re starting with.

Consider this your go-to guide on how to fix the most common brow conundrums


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Team Intros: Meet Martin!

It’s hard to know where to begin when introducing men’s editor Martinmainly because we should have introduced you to him ages ago. Since coming on board in March, Martin has ramped up Birchbox Man's editorial from zero to 60, and continues to churn out incredibly thoughtful, brilliant copy with only one staffer handy—himself. The ladies of team content appreciate him because he has single-handedly upped our sports IQ as well as our “man speak” translation skills; and the whole office continues to be impressed by his extensive vocabulary and witty email banter. 

Name/Title: Martin Mulkeen, Editor, Birchbox Man

Hometown: San Francisco 

Unofficial role: The San Francisco Giants’ East Coast Fan Club

Fun fact: As a kid, I was an extra in Homeward Bound 2 and Nine Months. My scenes in both films were cut.

Beauty confession: It’s been about two years since I used a razor that wasn’t electric.

Currently loving: 4711. Original Eau de Cologne. It reminds me of my old man getting ready for Christmas dinner, which is the one day of the year he wears cologne. It’s a lighter and sportier scent, but transports me to a nostalgic wintertime place filled with Irish fisherman sweaters and Tanqueray and tonics. Also, Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Scrub Soap. Who knew a soap could also be a loofah?

Worth the splurge: I’ve been into this awesome Age-Less Face Cream from Lab Series for a while. It has this great warming effect and really tightens the skin on your face. 

Best grooming trick: Since I was a teenager, my eyebrows have resembled Andy Rooney’s. A couple of years ago, I discovered that sticking a comb in each one and running an Wahl Beard Trimmer across (or asking my barber to do this) really helps to tame these beasts.

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Want Fuller Brows? The Tip You NEED to Know

Above: The interior of Sania’s Brow Bar. Below: Paul & Joe eyebrow pencil.

Over the weekend I got a brow consultation from New York City-based brow trainer, Sania Vucetaj. I had never had my brows done by anyone in Manhattan before (I hail from Chicago and had always relied on makeup artist and brow expert Nicole Jacob), so I did my due diligence before booking my appointment. I looked for a salon that preferred tweezing to waxing (wax can stretch the delicate skin around the eye) and, ideally, that specialized in brows. Sania’s Brow Bar fit the requirements and came highly recommended (New York called it one of the top 5 brow-shaping salons in NYC). Sold.

I sat down with the Vucetaj for about fifteen minutes, in which time she cleaned up my brows and provided some super helpful tips. First things first, Vucetaj warns against haphazardly slathering moisturizer all over your face because it clogs eyebrow hair follicles, preventing them from growing back the way they should. Given that mine were a little uneven and I need to work on filling in certain areas, I am now trying to be more careful about how I apply my moisturizer. 

The second major bit of advice she offered up was filling in my brows with a pencil, especially to help even them out. I’m planning to buy the one Vucetaj used, it’s by French beauty brand Paul and Joe. The shade (#2) matched my arches perfectly.

The consult was absolutely worth the price ($55 including tip) — especially considering the great tips I picked up. I’ll definitely be going back in four to six weeks to see her again—and I’ll post an update about whether or not the moisturizer trick is working!

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