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Packing for college can be really overwhelming. How much should you bring? What do you bring? Well, the answer is simple: only the essentials. That’s why this month we teamed up with Seventeen magazine and their special advisory board of sorority sisters on a curated list of 20 college beauty must-haves. Check back each week for more great content from our newest partner and definitely take advantage of this limited-time special offer just for Birchbox customers: Purchase a Seventeen subscription for $15 and get 100 Birchbox points!

Working Out With Glee Star Jenna Ushkowitz: Seventeen Magazine

From arms to abs, Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz shows Seventeen the proper technique for several strengthening exercises to help you get tone everywhere. One of the coolest things we learned? There’s a workout move called the wood chop. Who knew?! 

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The Top That Keeps Up With Multiple Workouts: Well-Balanced


I’m what you’d call a workout dabbler. I’ll try any form of exercise at least once—from CrossFit to road biking—and I like to mix things up from day to day. It keeps me from getting bored and challenges my muscles in a way that the monotony of running all the time doesn’t. This past weekend, I participated in the inaugural PUREfyYourSoul, a modified tri that included a run, a spin class, and a yoga session. It was my kind of workout, especially since I got the end it with a cookie from Levain Bakery. 

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Chanel Beauty Sets Up (Temporary) Shop in London

A pop-up shop you can’t say no to. (Photo:


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Introducing, Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume!

Jacobs with the latest addition to his fragrance lineup. (Photo:


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Root for Team USA From Head to Toe With OPI’s New Polish

Paint your nails red, white, and blue to get in spirit for the upcoming Summer Games. (Photo:

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Must-Try: Cosmopolitan and Edgy Street-Style Hair

Don’t you think everyday girls rock hair trends the best? (Photo:


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Chanel’s Psychedelic Makeup Video for Fall

This full face of reflectors reportedly took three hours to apply.  We can see why! (Photo:


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