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Post-Vacation Skin Detox: Guest Blogger

This week’s guest blogger, Rodan Luo, is a lawyer by day and stylish blogger by night. We can’t get enough of her blog, full of eloquent musings and excellent advice. Since she’s also one of our jetsetter role models (the frequent traveler was most recently in Sayulita, Mexico), she’ll be blogging all week about ways to make travel even more awesome. 

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When I was young summer meant three things: swimming pools, watermelon, and vacation. Now that I’m older, traveling has become one of the most important things in my life and one of the main reasons I continue to love summer so much. I’ll be here all week to give tips and ideas to make travel (and recovering from travel) easy and fun.

Since most of us are in Memorial Day Recovery Mode, today I’m focusing on the importance of detoxing. Our bodies work naturally to detoxify every day, but sometimes they become overloaded (those margaritas, that pan of brownies). Detoxing is a great way to help our body rebalance itself. Here are three skin detox ideas that will help you achieve glowing skin without the commitment of a raw food diet or juice cleanse. 

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Lazy Girl Detox: The Organic Pharmacy Body Oil

Back in January, I was all about getting a fresh start. I filled my fridge with kale, almond milk, and tofu, and swore I’d cut back on cocktails and cookies. This lasted a couple weeks…until the combination of frigid temps and oodles of work triggered a relapse into my profligate ways. Sigh. Happily, my beauty resolutions have actually stuck — I’ve tossed out old mascaras, added SPF to my daily regimen, and am being positively reckless with the bold lip colors. And the whole detox thing hasn’t been a complete failure: I’m a total convert to dry brushing, which I’m convinced makes me look slimmer and more toned — even after too much feasting.

Lately, I have a new non-detox detox favorite: The Organic Pharmacy’s Detox Cellulite Body Oil. I slather it all over my arms and legs right after the shower and the zesty, juniper- and grapefruit-infused oil makes me feel awake and energized. The best part, though, is how it keeps my limbs moisturized all day — much more effective than lotion. Doubtful whether this detox oil is having any sort of effect on my liver, but it definitely gives me a mood and body boost.


Want to learn more about dry brushing? Read our guide. For the best beauty-boosting foods, check out The Great Beauty Diet.

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