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Dove’s Latest Video Asks, “When Did You Stop Thinking You’re Beautiful?”

Dove is back with yet another thought-provoking video around female perceptions of beauty. (In case you missed it, their Real Beauty sketches ad was a viral hit earlier this spring). In the latest installment from the beauty brand, we’re asked to consider why so many women shy away from being photographed. Can the mere presence of a camera change how we feel about ourselves? 

According to global research conducted by Dove, the answer is yes. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of women who participated in the study said that they shy away from having pictures taken because they feel self-conscious or don’t feel beautiful.

In response to this frustratingly high statistic, the company created another viral short, Camera Shy.Throughout the video, we see diverse sets of women hiding or running from the camera. And then Dove asks, “When did you stop thinking you’re beautiful?” The question is followed by heartwarming images of little girls twirling about and embracing the camera. It’s a powerful moment that highlights the difference in confidence between us as little girls and as women when faced with a lens.

From now on, I’m ditching the negative and focusing on the positive characteristics of my pictures, and I’ll be encouraging my friends to do the same. It’s about time we embrace our beautiful selves.

Are you camera shy? What do you think of Dove’s video?


Celebrate your gorgeous self by dancing around to some of our favorite summer tunes.

The 3 Products You Need to Be Ready in 8: Guest Blogger

Let’s face it: We all need career advice at some point. That’s why Megan Broussard, a contributor to The Daily Muse and Glass Heel, created ProfessionGal, a blog geared toward working women. This week, we’re lucky to have Megan sharing her best tips for success in the workplace.


Take it from the girl who goes to bed late thanks to karaoke-lovin’ friends and wakes up early for a cute cockapoo who expects his morning walk. On the weekdays especially, I sleep in until the last possible second.

And, in order to make it to the office in time, I use the following three products that make my morning routine much more efficient. 

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Target Wedding Gowns, Gwyn’s New Gig, and More
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In preparation for this weekend, our favorite beauty editors and bloggers named their Memorial Day must-haves.
(Photo: Target)

Target Wedding Gowns, Gwyn’s New Gig, and More


In preparation for this weekend, our favorite beauty editors and bloggers named their Memorial Day must-haves.

(Photo: Target)

How Would You Describe Yourself?

Dove is back with another inspiring addition to their Real Beauty campaign. Unlike their last video, this one directly challenges real women to rethink their perceptions surrounding beauty—specifically, how they perceive their own beauty. Several women were selected to sit for a forensic sketch artist while hidden behind a curtain, and then described themselves to the artist who drew as they spoke. Afterwards, a person who had briefly met the original subject came in and described each woman as they saw her. 

It’s surprising to see how much the final two sketches differed. Each stranger-described image appeared friendlier, softer, and more open than the original—and often the women were in awe of the disparity between what they thought and what an objective viewer saw.

We’ve all fallen prey to the bad habit of selling ourselves short. Who hasn’t told someone about their less-than-awesome eyes, nose, chin, you name it, only to hear that it’s their friend’s favorite defining feature? At the very least, we’re glad that Dove’s video is a positive reminder to pause and consider that perhaps we’re all great exactly as we are.


Want to see more of Dove’s recent Real Beauty campaign? Here’s how they tricked photo retouchers into reversing all of their work on models’ bodies.

Olivia Wilde for Revlon, Rebel Wilson in The Hunger Games, and More


(Video: Beauty High)

Two Ways To Style a Topknot, Your Weekend Plans Solved, Diane Keaton Makes Us Proud to be Women, and More: Reading List

We know you don’t have oodles of time to browse through everything on the Birchbox blog and in the magazine each week. Here’s a short list of the top blog posts, articles, videos, and news you need to read this weekend.

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Dove’s New Ad Campaign: Photoshop Trick or Reality Treat?: Find out how the beauty brand used a sneaky tool to speak out about modern day Photoshop practices.

6 Easy Upgrades For Your Home: This article might be geared towards the guys, but there’s no reason you can’t bogart these tips for your own humble abode.

Diane Keaton Knows You’re Worth It: In honor of International Women’s Day, this video of Diane talking about what her L’Oréal ad campaigns mean to her will fuel your girl power confidence for days. 

Dove’s New Ad Campaign: Photoshop Trick or Reality Treat?

Dove is back with another installment of its decade-long “Campaign for Real Beauty,” which aims to inspire confidence in women when discussing beauty.

While Dove’s previous efforts (commercials like “Evolution,” “Onslaught,” and “Amy”) were directed at consumers to convince them to rethink their perceptions of beauty, this one targets those who create the ads.

The beauty brand built a Photoshop action, which is a downloadable file that can apply a certain look to an image in one click. This action file, which promised to add a skin-glowing effect to images, was released online in forums where art directors and other photo retouchers would stumble upon it and hopefully download it. In reality though, the action would revert the Photoshopped image to its original state with the tagline, “Don’t manipulate our perceptions of real beauty.” 

What do you guys think? Is Dove making a good point about the beauty industry by targeting photo retouchers?


Photoshop has been the center of controversy for many years. Find out more about this great debate here.

4 Things My Grandmother Taught Me About Beauty: Guest Blogger

Raw and honest, Rachel Wilkerson’s blog, The Life & Lessons of Rachel Wilkerson, is captivating and heartfelt. Covering the trials and tribulations of her personal life, her blog gives advice on everything from the serious (like moving house, which is so stressful) to the mundane (fun nail art!) and everything in between. We appreciate anyone that keeps it real the way she does, so we’re excited to have her as this week’s guest blogger. 

If there is a gene that makes someone love beauty products, I’m convinced it skips a generation. So many beauty junkies I know have mothers who could care less about lipstick or powder, but their grandmothers adore the stuff. That’s exactly the dynamic of my family. My mom is a tomboy and my grandma is totally glamorous, which means I relied on my grandma to teach me about makeup when I was growing up. Here are some of her best beauty lessons.

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Guest Blogger: Foolproof Face

We love writers with fun personalities, which is why we’re ecstatic to welcome Carlye Wisel into the guest blogging fold this week. The savvy blogger has a multitude of interests, but can regularly be found talking about music and more on Vevo, Big Ugly Yellow Couch, and her personal Tumblr, Awkward City Population 1. This week, she’s sharing beauty wit and wisdom. Today: family skincare secrets and the trick to long-lasting makeup. 

Clockwise, from Left: smashbox Photo Finish Primer, $36,; Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar, $11.99 for 8,; Kiehls Scented Lip Balm #1, $9,; philosophy Hope in a Jar, $60,; Rezamid, $19.99,

As a freelance writer, my beauty regime is often minimized to whatever I can slather on my face before running out the door. (Glamorous, right?) Having a clear complexion makes it easier to put on my face in the mere seconds I have before being late, and I’ve come to rely on a small set of products to make it possible. Before hitting the sack each night, I apply philosophy’s Hope In A Jar. I’m still new to the brand, but this thick, silky cream, which was suggested to me by the lady behind Cult of Pretty, does moisturizing wonders. My skin is pretty sensitive, so if I wash my face before (heavy on the “if,” since I typically just use water), I’ll only use Dove’s Beauty Bar, which is old school, but great for my skin.

I can’t believe I’m divulging this Wisel family secret, but Rezamid is a pimple cure-all that does miracles and the tube lasts for years. This ointment has saved me from being zit-tastic a thousand times over since I was a teen, and its customizable tint makes it more of a concealer than a treatment. Though I’m the zillionth person to swear by this, smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer is the only primer that hasn’t left me looking like a sweaty disaster 45 minutes into a hot afternoon. And, since I hate when makeup wears off, I never wear goopy lip glosses, but prefer to use Kiehls’ Scented Lip Balm to prevent lips from chapping.

Our favorite way to get flawless skin? smashbox’s Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation