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Two Easy Ways to Keep Your Smile Bright…No Whitestrips or Trips to the Dentist Required!

We’re suckers for a bright smile so we’re always looking for ways to keep our teeth white. We spoke with Manhattan dentist Dr. Alexandra Hara and got her tips for maintaining those pearly whites all year round. 

Naturally Whitening Foods

According to Dr. Hara, “Crunchy vegetables such as celery, carrots, and cucumbers contain fibrous cellulose that can ‘clean’ teeth and remove stains.” In addition she says, “Cheese contains elements such as calcium and phosphorus which can help fight against tooth decay and can help to remineralize teeth, decreasing the potential for staining.”

We tried: Cucumbers, Carrots, Apples, Celery, Cheese

Our teeth do feel a bit cleaner after chomping on some crunchy snacks and we’re happy to have an excuse to eat more cheese. This is one tip we’ll take to heart, especially since it’s a good excuse to add more fruit and veggies to our diet.

Flattering Lipstick

Our favorite method for showing off a bright smile: wearing the right lip color. Glosses and lipsticks with blue undertones — berries, plums, and cherry reds — all make teeth look whiter. Avoid beige and brown shades, or pearly and matte finishes, which all bring out the not-so-flattering yellow in your teeth.

We tried: Kissable Couture Lipgloss in Forest and Beauty is Life Lipstick in Kingdom

This works every time! Just knowing our lipstick is flattering our teeth is enough to make us smile.

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— Lorelei