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The Shocking New Way to Use Botox

Asian-Americans are turning to Botox—but not for the reasons you might think. 

Until recently, I thought of Botox as the preferred procedure of the wrinkle-averse. But I just learned about a new use for Botox that I had never thought about: some Asian-Americans are using it to narrow the appearance of their jawline—and arguably to appear more Caucasian in the process. How does it work? According to Dr. Eric Schweiger of Schweiger Dermatology, one of the dermatologists who performs the procedure, Botox “doesn’t change the shape of the bones, but relaxes the jaw muscles that can cause a widened appearance of the jaw.” With multiple treatments, Dr. Schweiger adds, “these muscles can atrophy over time and the jaw can permanently narrow.”

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Are Ear Jobs the New Nose Jobs?

Photo: Allure

Back in my emo-goth-punk days, I was friends with a number of girls who sported giant ear plugs. I always thought they would regret it when they became grandmas who suffered from both hearing loss and actual holes in their ears. No doubt, the ear plug trend had a limited appeal, but what about those of us who have spent years wearing heavy dangling earrings? Are we all doomed to have sagging earlobes one day? 

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