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How to Find the Perfect Shade of Foundation 

Finding the perfect shade of foundation can make you feel like Goldilocks—it’s so hard to find one that is just right. Recently we had some of our Birchbloggers, a community of bloggers who get the exclusive on all things Birchbox, over to our office to find their perfect shade with makeup pro, Alison Raffaele. Since Alison’s foundation line makes finding your ideal match a no-brainer, each blogger left with her true foundation and concealer color in hand. Here, we share our top five takeaways from our morning with Alison: 

1. 90% of the time you’ll want your foundation and concealer to be the same shade.

2. Don’t overdo it; there is nothing worse than trying too hard.

3. The proper order to apply your makeup is foundation, concealer, powder.

4. Never match your face to the color of your neck. Instead, match it to your upper chest. You want your whole body to look the same color. 

5. Always apply concealer to the bottom of your nose; everyone is red there!

And because Alison won’t always be there to help you color match, check out our trusty Find Your Shade category to help you with your next order. 


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