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Out The Door In Five Steps: Guest Blogger

Between running from classes to club meetings to study sessions, college students are certainly  busy bunch. That’s why Amy Levin, founder and creative director of CollegeFashionista, has pulled together these tips to help studentsor anyone, for that matter—get out the door in a jiff and still look stylish.


It starts the night before: I know that the last thing many people want to do when they get home from a late night of studying or partying is tend to their skin. But taking time to care for your skin at night will save you tons of time in the morning. A proper skin regimen will reduce redness, pimples, and even out your skin tone. Establish a routine that, at a bare minimum, includes removing your makeup and moisturizing. The Yes ToTMFacial Towelettes are definitely a staple in my skincare routine. They are gentle enough to use everyday, but really balance out my skin with their natural ingredients, such as tomato and watermelon extract. 

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