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How to Get Organized for the New Year


Birchbox Man Assistant Editor Kyle and his immaculately clean desk. You could eat off that desktop, we swear.

Despite my best efforts to have a tidy, clean, ever-organized apartment, my busy schedule usually means that I have piles of laundry and unread mail stacked up everywhere by the end of each week. But after coming back from the holidays with lots of fun goodies, I now have knickknacks and loose papers lying all over, and the utter chaos of my space is stressing me out.

Luckily Birchbox Man Assistant Editor Kyle—whom you’ll find out more about soon!—has a reputation on our team as Mr. Organizer, and he came up with a quick guide for how to declutter your space. The first thing on my to-do list for the weekend will be to use his brilliant techniques (including purging, labeling, and more superneat tendencies) to completely redo my ridiculously unfortunate space.

Without further ado, here are the four steps you need to follow to get organized for the new year.


Birchbox Man has even more tips for you—find out why “organics” matter for your skin and hair

Meet JolieBox Co-Founder Mathilde Lacombe

JolieBox co-founder Mathilde Lacombe. Yes, we have a ginormous girl crush on her.  

Last week, we spilled the beans about our international expansion and our acquisition of JolieBox. Today, we’re introducing you to Mathilde Lacombe, the company’s co-founder and editorial director. Mathilde began as a beauty blogger and Elle reporter before starting JolieBox with four friends. She says, “I’m a complete beauty addict! I love discovering new brands and trends and learning other girls’ beauty habits.” Hmm…we think Mathilde and her crew will fit in perfectly at the Birchbox offices. The 24-year-old editor now oversees JolieBox’s editorial and marketing teams in the UK, France, and Spain—and recently got married! We’ll be adding periodic dispatches from Mathilde and her editors soon—for now, here’s a little bit about her!

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