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4 Fierce Fashion Campaigns for Stellar Spring Lip Inspiration

We fell hard for Natalie Alcala last fall, when the LA-based writer and blogger spent a week guest blogging for us. In fact, we loved her posts so much that we asked her to be a contributing editor. In addition to blogging for us once a week, she’ll also be writing for the Birchbox Magazine and keeping us up to speed on all things fashion, beauty, and fun.

Spring officially starts next week! Besides cleaning out my closet to make room for brighter hues and lighter fabrics, it’s time to reevaluate my beauty sitch. While I can never resist a red lip, this might be the perfect time to get adventurous and experiment with new hues. With that said, here’s a roundup of four additional spring campaigns that shine a light on perfect pouts.


Photo: Fashion Gone Rogue

Rouge: Okay, this one isn’t exactly “adventurous” as it’s still a red lip, but this story really wouldn’t be complete without a Cara Delevingne cameo. Polish fashion label, Reserved, was inspired by ’80s and ’90s beauty for this campaign, hence the Robert Palmer pucker. Make’s Silk Cream Lipstick and this handy how-to are all you need to channel the look.

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Date Night Looks With A Twist: Guest Blogger

This week’s guest blogger, Kalyca Romeo of, is one seriously talented lady. After graduating from the Fashion Institute for Technology eight years ago, New York-based fashion insider has worked as a buyer, a designer, and a particularly savvy personal stylist. We’re loving her tips on crafting the perfect date night outfit, rocking the latest white styles, and test-driving fall/winter makeup looks right now.

On a first date, you don’t want to look like you’ve spent the entire day getting ready, but you do want to look gorgeous andeffortless all at the same time. What has worked for me has always been the head-to-toe outfits that make me feel confident, comfortable, and sexy—but that have a twist. Here are two first date fashion ideas that work well during the summer months.

Idea #1: A floral dress or skirt has been an encouraged first-date outfit for as long as I can remember. Switch things up a bit by trying something a little different, like a pair of floral print jeans or pants. Beauty tip: don’t forget to bring a lip gloss like a stila Lip Glaze or Clark’s Botanicals’ Ultra Rich Lip Tint

Idea #2: There’s an inclination to show some leg on the first date, which is fine, but nothing looks worse than a woman pulling and tugging at her mini all night. A more comfortable option that’s still very alluring is dressing up a pair of shorts. Combine a neutral pair with a flowy blouse and a standout accessory for an eye-catching yet sophisticated look. There’s also the jumpsuit route. Find one that flatters your body and not only is it easy, it will also help you keep your cool on a hot summer night. Take the style from casual to classy by pairing it with urbane platforms and some killer dangly earrings. Beauty tip: exposed skin always looks better when it’s a little glowy. Invest in products that will make you beam, in a good way, like Vapour Organic Beauty’s Aura Multi-Use Blush and Comodynes Self-Tanning Towelettes

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Team Intros: Meet Martin!

It’s hard to know where to begin when introducing men’s editor Martinmainly because we should have introduced you to him ages ago. Since coming on board in March, Martin has ramped up Birchbox Man's editorial from zero to 60, and continues to churn out incredibly thoughtful, brilliant copy with only one staffer handy—himself. The ladies of team content appreciate him because he has single-handedly upped our sports IQ as well as our “man speak” translation skills; and the whole office continues to be impressed by his extensive vocabulary and witty email banter. 

Name/Title: Martin Mulkeen, Editor, Birchbox Man

Hometown: San Francisco 

Unofficial role: The San Francisco Giants’ East Coast Fan Club

Fun fact: As a kid, I was an extra in Homeward Bound 2 and Nine Months. My scenes in both films were cut.

Beauty confession: It’s been about two years since I used a razor that wasn’t electric.

Currently loving: 4711. Original Eau de Cologne. It reminds me of my old man getting ready for Christmas dinner, which is the one day of the year he wears cologne. It’s a lighter and sportier scent, but transports me to a nostalgic wintertime place filled with Irish fisherman sweaters and Tanqueray and tonics. Also, Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Scrub Soap. Who knew a soap could also be a loofah?

Worth the splurge: I’ve been into this awesome Age-Less Face Cream from Lab Series for a while. It has this great warming effect and really tightens the skin on your face. 

Best grooming trick: Since I was a teenager, my eyebrows have resembled Andy Rooney’s. A couple of years ago, I discovered that sticking a comb in each one and running an Wahl Beard Trimmer across (or asking my barber to do this) really helps to tame these beasts.

Be sure to check out all of Martin’s expertly crafted prose in The Guide

What’s On the Birchbox Staffers’ Desk: Business Development’s Nidhi

We’ve introduced you to Business Development guru Nidhi before, and you’ve also seen her fashion-forward taste in footwear.  But there’s so much more to know! Now that she’s settled here at the office, we decided to sneak a peek at her desk and find out her workday (and beauty) must-haves. 

1. Vitamins and Eboost:  I am a self-professed health nut. I always have vitamins on hand to keep me healthy, and Eboost for a little pick me up.

2. Photo of flags in the East Village: My original NYC home! My best friend gave me this picture to remember my first New York apartment and all the fun we had there.

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Self Magazine’s 2012 Healthy Beauty Awards: Dr. Jart, Yes To & Many More

Health and beauty: a winning combo, no? At this morning’s Self Magazine 2012 Healthy Beauty Awards, the theme was products that make you look and feel amazing.

The event, held at the Museum of Modern Art, revealed 89 winners across the categories of face, makeup, nails, sun, hair, and body—from Top Acne Spot Solution (hello, Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Spot Stick) to Best Deep Conditioner (woot Ojon Super Sleek Smoothing Conditioner). The products were chosen by a panel of Self readers who tested them in their own homes and submitted their honest feedback. I recognize plenty of favorites on the list, but there are also ones I’m excited to try!

Beyond celebrating the phenomenal products, Self’s Editor-in-Chief, Lucy Danzinger, also set the tone of the event by bringing attention to social media. She told the audience of editors, industry execs, and brand bigwigs that companies shouldn’t try to strong-arm their message—they should just ensure that people are talking about their products and their brands. As a Twitter and Instagram addict, I loved hearing her give a digital call to action.

Check out the Birchbox products that made the Self list!

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Dollars & Sense: Why This Two-in-One Moisturizer Rocks

The best skincare products may not be cheap, but trust us: they’re worth every penny. Every week, we’ll break down the math and show you exactly why that fancy serum or cream is a smart splurge.

Our pick of the week: We used to think of exfoliating and moisturizing as two separate steps, but all that changed when we stumbled upon Clark’s Botanicals’ Smoothing Marine Cream. The cult brand’s bestselling product dissolves dead cells overnight with a gentle dose of glycolic acid. Not only does this buzzed-about ingredient soften the look of fine lines and brown spots, it also increases your skin’s ability to retain water. Learn more about why Clark’s moisturizer is well worth the splurge after the jump!

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Have you ever been curious why a grooming product has a seal or sticker on the packaging highlighting it as an award winner? Many men’s publications spend time sifting through the oodles of products out there and award their top picks with titles such as “Best Shave Cream” or “Best Anti-Aging…

Stay Organized with the New Birchbox Makeup Bag

Our purses are like black holes for beauty products: once we toss something in there, there’s a high chance that it will never see the light of day again. That’s why we set out to create a custom Birchbox makeup bag that would let us keep our daily essentials in one place, no digging around required. The result? A stylish canvas pouch that’s big enough to fit our everyday makeup musts and small enough to throw inside our handbags. We polled the lovely ladies on the Operations Team to see what they’re going to keep inside their brand new Birchbox makeup bags. Click through for their picks!

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