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Marathon Spectating Is a Sport In and of Itself

One day I will run the New York City Marathon. But not this year. This year, I will yet again be a spectator during my favorite Manhattan event, which takes place this Sunday. If you live in or near the city and have never checked it out before, you absolutely should. About 44,000 people will run it this year and whether it’s to raise money for a cause or to prove something to themselves, each person has a different reason for being there. It’s incredibly inspirational and motivating.

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This Just In: Allure’s 2011 Best of Beauty Awards

Photo: Allure

In the beauty realm, the Allure Best of Beauty Awards are the magazine equivalent of the Miss Universe Pageant. Across all categories, the winners must possess looks, talents, and brains (translation: pretty packaging, potent ingredients, and smart delivery systems). Allure just announced their 2011 picks, and we were stoked to see some of our favorite tried-and-true products on the list. Check out the crème de la crème: 

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The Best Looks From Fashion Week Tokyo

Photos via Elle.

I’ve always admired Japanese street style, from the gothic Lolitas who rock their parasols to the cyber punks with their neon mohawks. But would I dare to don one of those outfits myself? Maybe on Halloween. But I’ve realized that although Japanese fashion is known for being bold and experimental, it can also be subtle and versatile (think Comme des Garçons). Looking through pictures from the just-concluded Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, it struck me that the most memorable looks on the runway were infinitely wearable in real life. Designers looked forward to next spring with optimistic yet muted colors, fun prints, and unique cuts. Better yet, they kept the makeup simple, so it’s a breeze to recreate these looks yourself! 

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Lemme Upgrade Ya (Part 2): You’ve Got Male

Once a week, Birchbox’s resident yoga and men’s product expert, Eric, will gives us girls some insight into his world in You’ve Got Male. Whether he’s giving his expertise on skincare (boys need advice, too!) or highlighting his new favorite grooming trend, this guy has got taste—so we’re lucky he’s on staff and willing to share.

Change can be scary. I get that. I think many guys feel intimidated when it comes
to overhauling their style and grooming routine – and with good reason! When we
 have habits and styles that we’ve lived with for years, the idea of a blitz “makeover”
is terrifying. Too much change all at once! So, I have decided to take a step by step 
approach to the overall upgrade and offer small but impactful ways that guys can step up their style and grooming game.

If you missed the first edition of Lemme Upgrade Ya, you can read up on nail clippers type here.

Step 2: The Face Cleanser

A crucial step to improving the look and health of your face (both immediately and
for the future) is to move from that Dove soap (or even worse, body wash!) to a face
 cleanser that is made specifically for your face. I know it could seem cumbersome 
and time-consuming, but one extra step in the mornings and evenings can clear up a lot of those pesky skin concerns (excess oil, blemishes, and dullness).

For a really simple and truly effective upgrade, try philosophy purity made simple one-step facial cleanser. This basic cleanser gently rids your face and pores of dirt and oil while also balancing skin to maintain proper levels of oil. It’s great for the guy who doesn’t want to get fussy — no surprise it’s a bestseller. 

Other easy, gentle cleansers I love: 
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Clark’s Botanicals Skin Clearing Face and Body Wash


Help your man up his grooming game by sending him to the You’ve Got Male archive.

Clarks Botanicals Skin Clearing Face & Body Wash: You’ve Got Male

Once a week, Birchbox’s resident Yoga and men’s product expert, Eric, will give us girls some insight into his world in You’ve Got Male. Whether he’s giving his expertise on skincare (boys need advice, too!) or highlighting his new favorite grooming trend, this guy has got taste—so we’re lucky he’s on staff and willing to share.


I have to admit something that probably won’t help make me more popular: I am blessed to have naturally good skin. (Of course, I say this while emphatically knocking on wood!) Even though I rarely have blemishes and don’t have issues with oil or imbalance, these past few weeks, I’ve been having problems with ingrown hairs on my chest and (gasp!) some pimples and clogged pores on my face. Cue Francesco Clark and his amazing Skin Clearing Face & Body Wash.

For those of you who have never heard his amazing story, Francesco created the natural product line after suffering a crippling diving accident in 2002. The accident left him not only unable to walk, but also unable to sweat, which caused clogged pores and a myriad of skin problems. Turning his tragedy into triumph, he created his award-winning product line (fans include Madonna) and wrote an autobiography, Walking Papers. As for the cleanser itself, I started by using it on my body and it immediately began minimizing my redness and the swelling from my ingrowns. After about a week, the red bumps are almost completely gone. After seeing what great things it was doing as a body wash, I finally washed my face with it this morning. Not surprisingly, I’ve noticed that the redness has started to fade. The formula contains algae and salicylic acid (and apparently a little bit of magic, too). I high recommend you check out Francesco and his line. I’ve also really been loving the Ultra Rich Lip Balm, which comes in tinted formulas for you ladies as well!

For other great skin products, check out our Birchbox Shop.

What’s on the Birchbox Editors’ Desks: Rachelista

You probably already know Rachel from her excellent weekly Skin Rx blog posts, but what you might not know is that of all the members of the brand team, Rachel (aka @Rachelista) is probably the sassiest and most adventurous trendsetter. (She might be the sassiest person working at Birchbox, come to think of it.) Even when her trend suggestions are a bit too far ahead of the curve for us (Nail Quills, anyone?), we know she’ll pull it off spectacularly. She also has excellent taste in the newest and best beauty products so we jumped at the chance to get a peek at her desk today. Read on for her current obsessions including an appropriately named lip tint and a truly illuminating highlighter.


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