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The Miracle Cream I Can’t Leave Home Without: Guest Blogger

Though we’re New Yorkers, we’ve always had a thing for Chicago—the gorgeous lakefront, the deep dish, the friendly people—plus one of our editors calls it home! Which is why we’re pumped to bring you a guest blogger series from CheekyChicagoThe online lifestyle magazine is packed with the latest events to attend, restaurants to hit, and of course, places to shop. Lucky for us, Cheeky’s Editor-in-Chief Erica Bethe Levine is imparting her Windy City wisdom all week long.


I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and although my mom always taught us to dress comfy on the plane (i.e. Juicy Couture jump suits or Lululemon gear), my boyfriend is of the mentality that you should dress up for flights because you never know who you’re going to meet. Although my travel clothes may be a point of debate, my skincare regimen while away from home definitely is not—and there’s one product that I can’t ever be without.

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Reading List: Anthropologie Lipstick, The Most Powerful Women in the World and More

(Photo: attackedastoria)

  • Anthropologie is launching a six piece lipstick collection later this month! The name, Albeit, and packaging is just as cute as we’d expect from them. [Glamour]
  • What happens when you take the phrase “nail art” literally? Some awesome, art-inspired manicures. Our favorite’s a tie between the Roy Lichtenstein and Van Gogh’s Starry Night. [Huffington Post]
  • Forbes’ annual list of the 100 most powerful women in the world is out, and we’ve been clicking through since yesterday. There are some rankings we expected (Angela Merkel at #1, Hillary Clinton at #2) and some others that were totally unexpected (Sheryl Sandberg #10 beat Oprah #11? Diane von Furstenberg #33 beat Anna Wintour #51? Wait, Shakira’s #40?). [Forbes]
  • The four granddaughters of Clarins founder Jacques Coutin-Clarins just started a beauty blog. There’s not much up there yet, but we can already tell it will be full of fun French joie de vivre. [Beauty Flash Blog]
  • Actor Sam Claflin will be playing the role of Finnick Odair in Catching Fire, the second installation of The Hunger Games trilogy. After tugging at our heart strings in Snow White and the Huntsman, we can’t wait to see this hunky Brit’s next silver screen performance. [E! Online]
  • This holiday season, NARS will be releasing a new collection inspired by Andy Warhol’s iconic prints and silkscreens. The pop-tastic makeup line is sure to help you channel your inner Factory Girl. [Huffington Post Canada]


Tubular Products For My Lips: Guest Blogger

A self-proclaimed beauty addict and over-the-top girly girl, Lara Ramos has been dedicated to living a pretty lifestyle since birth. Her blog, The Glossarie, highlights ground-breaking beauty products and little laid-back luxuries. This week, in Lara’s second appearance as a guest blogger, she shares the newest items that have caught her eye and her personal must-haves.

So many of the most beloved lip balms and glosses come in a convenient tube. (I am not one for sticking my finger in a pot, and carrying around a lip brush can be a real pain.) There’s something about the slick application of color from a tube that leaves an almost glaze-like finish on lips, with extra-pigmented shine.

Here are my of-the-moment favorites for totally tubular lips. From top to bottom:

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Hurrah! Clarins Cult SPF Gets an Update

A few years ago, I went on a search for a daily SPF that I could wear all summer long. I had long list of criteria: I wanted something light and mattifying that wouldn’t give my skin a ghostly cast. It also had to have SPF 30 or more, since I didn’t want to be worrying about reapplying constantly. Oh, and I needed a bottle that was 3.2 fl oz or less, so I could take it with me on flights. 

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My Top Four Self Tanners

A few years ago I made a discovery that would change my life forever: self tanner. I had spent high school in southern California where everyone was effortlessly sun-kissed and while I did achieve a nice glow from time to time, it was never easy. It involved lots of burning, tanning, and even slathering on oil sans SPF. Yikes. Not my most brilliant days.

I have since repented for my foolish youth and stopped going in direct sun altogether. (A whopping sunburn my junior year of college was the final straw and I while won’t go into all the painful details, let’s suffice it to say it was rather unpleasant.) Finally realizing my skin was not meant for tanning the natural (and unsafe) way, I began to explore the world of the faux glow. It’s truly liberating: no tan lines or painful redness, even color in just a few hours—why doesn’t everyone do this? Over the years, I’ve tried lots of products, (not all self tanners are created equal, believeyoume), but these are my current faves, in no particular order.

Clarins Self Tanning Milk ($32.50): My first foray into self tanning was with Clarins and that was completely by luck. This has been my go-to for years because it goes on easily and streak-free and it provides the most incredible, natural color.

Bare Escentuals Beautifully Bronzed Deluxe 2-piece Edition ($46.14): I got this self tanner and brush set in a gift bag a few weeks ago and I was a little hesitant. The formula is really dark and I am so accustomed to applying with my hands. That said, I gave it a shot on my legs and not only does the color look great, but the brush was really thorough and an awesome way to keep my palms from getting more color than they should.

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