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6 Easy Wedding Favor Ideas:

We’ve been planning our dream weddings since we were five years old. So it’s no surprise that we can’t get enough of, a wedding inspiration and e-commerce site that lets you search through pics of swoon-worthy gowns, bouquets, and everything else you need for the big day. Once a week, the ladies behind will be sharing their expert advice for getting through the craziness of the season—whether you’re standing at the altar or enjoying a view of it from the audience.


(Photo by: Mirelle Carmichael Photography on Wedding Chicks via

One of our favorite wedding details are the party favors. Unlike, say, your dress or your flowers, your favors are less about what you love and more about what makes your guests happy. It’s a spontaneous thank you note, a sweet way of showing appreciation for those in your community who have decided to take part in your special day.

Picking out your favors is like shopping for a gift—but that doesn’t mean your favors have to be complicated or fussy. So before you go busting your budget or spending hours making over-the-top favors, check out our list of five super-easy wedding favors you can give your guests.

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5 Innovative Ways to Use Leftover Champagne


You ushered in 2013 with some friendly faces, a slightly off-key rendition of “Auld Lang Syne,” and a good deal of bubbly. If you’re like us, you probably have at least a few half-open bottles still strewn about your counter or stashed in your fridge. Before you pour that Prosecco down the drain, you’ll want to read Birchbox Man's 5 innovative uses for champagne. From adding it to your skincare routine (seriously) to throwing it into your next seafood recipe, these ideas will ensure that you never waste a drop of bubbly again. Hop on over to The Guide find out how to salvage all those leftovers!


New year, new resolutions! Here are a few tricks and techniques that we’re using to kickstart 2013