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6 Cats You Can Be for Halloween

Sure, you could always go dressed as a sexy kitten. But why settle for the lowest common denominator when there are so many creative possibilities to explore? In honor of National Cat Day (seriously—it’s today), we put our heads together to come up with six different ways to rock a cat costume at the last minute, using only a black dress and few key props. So go ahead: Slip on your favorite LBD, pop on those cat ears that we know are hiding in the back of your closet from lazy Halloweens past, and check out our half-goofy, half-sincere ideas. We’ve got everything you need to transform yourself into a one-of-a-kind feline:


Cool Cat

What you’ll need: A beret and sunglasses.

How to use: Wear both articles while casually leaning against the nearest wall. Bonus points for reading a book of poetry.


Grumpy Cat

What you’ll need: Black eyeliner and one to two types of dark eye shadow.

How to use: Create a moody, smoky eye. Skulk around the party looking like you had fun once… and it was awful.


Bodega Cat

What you’ll need: Flattened dry goods boxes, empty oatmeal packets, and tape.

How to use: Use the tape to secure the empty food containers to your body. Curl up in the coziest corner of the room and take a nap.


Cat Burglar

What you’ll need: Elbow-length gloves and heaps of costume jewelry (think: fake pearl necklaces and oversized rings).

How to use: Slip on the gloves, and drape yourself in your latest spoils. Slink around the costume party like you have something to hide.  


Corporate Fat Cat

What you’ll need: A bow tie, stacks of fake money, and a sense of entitlement. Also: a large pillow for your fat-cat belly.

How to use: Don your bow tie, grab your money stacks, and push that pillow up under your dress. Secure the pillow to your stomach with a wide ribbon or a piece of rope. Strut around the party glad-handing important people, then broker some shady political deals over by the punch bowl.


Missing Cat

What you’ll need: A “lost cat” poster with a photo of yourself dressed as a cat.

How to use: In theory, to be a missing cat, all you’d have to do is dress up as a cat and then not show up to the party as planned. Or, you can do this instead.

And don’t think we’re out of ideas—Cleo-catra, Aristo-cat, Cat-niss Everdeen—the list goes on and on. But we’re only two ladies, and we can only waste so much of our in-house photographer’s time posing as cats. We leave it to you to explore all of the possible variations. And don’t forget to bring the cat wine.

 —Amary & Ally

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