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Beauty Throwback: Double Hair Buns

We’ve got contributing editor Natalie Alcala on speed-dial. Not only does the LA-based writer and blogger know the best places to score an unforgettable braid, she’s also discovered the secret to perfect skin from Hollywood’s elite. Every week, she’ll be cluing us in to the latest in West Coast fashion, beauty, and fun.

(Photo: © David Bergman/Corbis)

As demonstrated in this post, I love a good throwback. My latest obsession is the resurgence of double buns—a statement hairstyle championed by edgy fashion forces like Gwen Stefani (above) and Bjork in the ’90s. I’m glad to see that the look has parlayed it’s way back onto the scene, thanks to gals like Vanessa Hudgens and Rita Ora—two girls who know a thing or two about having fun with fashion.

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3 Quick Tricks for Buns: Hairistocracy

We’re guilty of sticking with the same hair cut for years—if it’s not broke, why fix it? — but that can be a little boring. But not everyone has our issue. Paulina, one of our amazing operations associates, is always eyeing new cuts and styles. She’ll be sharing her tress inspiration and tips every other week here in her column, Hairistocracy.

We’re big fans of Free People’s bohemian chic aesthetic so it’s no surprise that their blog, BLDG 25, is a go-to source for fashion inspiration. Recently we’ve started looking to them for beauty inspiration as well, especially after seeing this too-cute video featuring three different styles of buns. 

It’s a great reminder of how versatile buns can be. Whether you wear yours pulled-apart and messy or sleek and classic, it’s a style that frames your face and makes you look pulled together. Let us know in the comments: How do you wear your bun? Have you tried all three of the techniques from the video?


You’ll need a good hairspray to get buns to stay put while you’re on the go.

Operation Beat Humidity: Buns

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For the past few days, I’ve had a serious hair snafu. I spend precious time in the morning perfecting straight hair, and walk out the door feeling pretty good about myself. But without fail, the NYC humidity transforms my straight locks into a hybrid between wavy and freaky. I inevitably put it in a not-so-cute bun by mid-morning. My solution? To start the day with a bun until the humidity subsides. I did some research and found three seriously cute options.

The Ballerina Bun: Since I used to wear these every day to ballet classes, I can attest to their durability. Just tie your hair into a high, taught ponytail and wrap it as tightly as you can around the base to create the doughnut bun shape. Don’t forget to spritz with hairspray!

The Top Knot: In short, you’re putting all of your hair on top of your head. (You can take a cue from one of our staffers, Rachel, who has made this her go-to style as of late.) Start with a ponytail, but secure it however you want — the messier, the better.

The Low Slung Bun: Add some smaller braids to your hair to add texture before pulling it back. Similar to the top knot, don’t spend time making it neat, it should be rather effortless.


Our fave product right now for sleek strands? Oscar Blandi’s Salon Glaze.