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How to Use a Sample That’s Too Light or Too Dark: Special Ops

We’re always talking about the staffers in the Birchbox office, but the ones who you interact with everyday are the ladies of our hard-working Ops team. These fabulous femmes handle all of your customer service woes. We wanted to give you a chance to get to know them even better—so here’s a peek at who’s on the other side of the phone.


Every month we try our absolute hardest to fill your Birchboxes with samples we think you will love. (Did you know that we use a special algorithm to maximize your happiness?) But we also understand that sometimes a sample can feel like a match that’s not quite made in heaven. On the off chance that this occurs, we wanted to help you figure out how to turn that so-so sample into a so-awesome sample.

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Throwback Thursday: Birchbox Video Edition

Throwback Thursday or #tbt has become an internet mainstay, so of couse we’re jumping on the bandwagon. This week we’re taking you back to one of our first ever Birchbox videos!

We can hardly believe how far our videos have come in two short years! But you know what? The tips in this video are still spot-on. Watch and learn how to get a faux tan with the help of one of our favorite bronzers by Cargo. 


For a more seasonally appropriate video on how to score a healthy glow, check out our How To Wear Bronzer In The Winter video. 

4 Swimwear Designers’ Beach-Ready Beauty Must-Haves

We fell hard for Natalie Alcala last fall, when the LA-based writer and blogger spent a week guest blogging for us. In fact, we loved her posts so much that we asked her to be a contributing editor. In addition to blogging for us once a week, she’ll also be writing for the Birchbox Magazine and keeping us up to speed on all things fashion, beauty, and fun.

Now that we’re in the final weeks of summer, it’s time to squeeze in your last-minute beach jaunts and exotic getaways. I checked in with some of today’s most in-demand swimwear designers to see what trusty beauty products they never hit the waves without.

Daniella Sredni of Aquarius (above)

1. SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50: “Apply bronzing powder on top of this protective sunscreen to offset the white tint and you’re good to go!”

2. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Bronzing Powder: “My shade is called Give Me Sun. It’s a mineral powder that leaves a sheer finish, which is the perfect look for direct sunlight.”

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Experiments in Bronzing

Every summer, I hunt for a new bronzer to give my complexion a little seasonal glow. That’s why I was so excited when I discovered Ada’s Golden Bronzer. It can be hard to find a bronzer that actually shows up on my Indian skin, so I was initially skeptical about how Ada’s option would look. Happily, it blends in easily and gives me natural, but visible, tawny color.

I decided to try a little in-office experiment. I knew that the Golden Bronzer worked well on me, but would it show up on someone with a darker skin tone? And what color would someone with a lighter complexion use? I skipped over to our Ops Team to find out.

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My Favorite 2-in-1 Beauty Products: Guest Blogger

We’re big fans of this week’s guest blogger, Natalie Higdon. Not only is she a Tennessee resident and a connoisseur of all things Memphis; she’s also a contributor to the Birchbox magazine! (Don’t miss her stellar article on 5 Surprising Facts About SPF). This week, she interviews a hot new singer, reveals her favorite two-in-one products, and schools us on how to trim our own bangs.  

I love two-in-one beauty products. They’re convenient, easy to stash in your purse, and best of all, they’re usually a pretty good deal. Here are a couple of my favorite two-fers:

SEPHORA COLLECTION Classic Double-Ended Flawless Complexion Brush
Sephora has a whole line of these double-ended makeup brushes and I think they might just be the best idea ever. Okay, maybe not a better idea than say, penicillin, but they’re still pretty nifty. Makeup brushes can be a little like pieces of silverware at a fancy dinner—if I have too many, I forget which one I should be using. By combining two brushes (the one above is for foundation and concealer), Sephora has eliminated some of the guesswork. Plus, how cute is the bright neon?

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Hot Pink Lips for Summer: Guest Blogger

This week’s guest blogger, Vida Lee, hits close to home for us—literally! She’s a beauty guru based in our hometown: New York City. Aside from being a product addict, she’s also a medical school student (whoa!) who makes time on the side for her pretty blog, P.S. It’s Vida. Over the next few days, the smarty savant will be sharing her greatest tips and tricks for staying prepped and primed for summer.

Summer is all about bright colors, which makes it a bit difficult for a neutral lover like myself to come out of her shell. Here are some products I love to use which keep my look simple while I’m sporting a statement lip:

1. Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner: When I want to keep eyes simple, I use this gel eyeliner to create a thick black line with a flick. It’s creamy and smooth, long lasting, and has a great intense black color.

2. Prestige My Blackest Lashes: This mascara works wonders for separating and volumizing—with two coats, you’ll have jumbo, thick lashes that add the perfect touch of drama to an otherwise simple eye.

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How to Contour Your Face: Guest Blogger

Freelance makeup artist Jennifer Duvall has kept us entranced with her blog for months. The Georgia blogger is the ultimate multi-tasker as both a makeup guru and a mommy of three! We love her great how-to advice and awesome product reviews, which is why we’re so excited that this week, she’s graciously sharing her style secrets with us.

When I say contour, it means you’re adding definition to your face by bringing certain features out, and playing down others. The payoff is big! There are a couple ways you can add contour to your face—either with liquid foundations or with powders. It’s about personal preference and how much time you have on your hands (powder takes less time to perfect in my opinion, and is easier for amateurs to pull off).

My main goals when contouring: create chiseled cheekbones, shorten the length of my long face, and make my nose seem thinner. I usually apply all of my makeup first, eyes and foundation, then apply the bronzer, blush, and highlighter last. Use a matte bronzer only a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone for contouring, since shimmer would look too fake if you’re using it on multiple areas of your face. Here’s a play by play of how to quickly contour a face.

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