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5 Questions for…Susan Nethero, Founder of Intimacy

After years of observing friends, family members, colleagues, and total strangers wearing poorly fitted bras, Susan Nethero took matters into her own hands. Twenty years ago, she founded intimacy in order to provide women of all cup sizes with the holy grail of lingerie: the perfect fitting bra. 

After training under the Queen of England’s royal bra fitter, June Kenton, Susan pioneered her own holistic bra-fitting technique that forgoes the tape measure. Next on her list: a retail business centered around intimacy’s famous “bra banks,” which has over 90 bra sizes ranging from A to K cups. Nethero’s bra revolution has been featured on countless TV programs, and Oprah has even declared her “the best cleavage cop in the business.” 

We caught up with Nethero to learn what to look for when shopping for a new bra.

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Don’t Feel The Burn, Soothe It With Your Undies

Modern bras can help us look more like Pamela Anderson (or less like her—whatever floats your boat), but now they can also help relieve the pain from sunburns. Simone Perele, a French lingerie brand that is here to save the day (and your skin) has just released a line of undergarments that are aloe-infused. Called Caressence, the collection features several molded T-shirt bras, four different underwear styles, and a Spanx-like bodysuit. The lace of each item is knitted using Aloe Vera threads and the soothing powers last for up to 100 washings.

I can recall dozens of times when putting on a bra felt like having my skin torn off because I was suffering from a bad burn. These garments would have been lifesavers! And don’t worry, you won’t feel drenched in gooey aloe, only microscopic amounts are released when you wear the pieces. Almost makes me want to go out and use my sunscreen sparingly! Kidding, of course…


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