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The Overpacker’s Guide to Travel Style: Guest Blogger

For June, our theme is wanderlust and we could think of no better person to wax poetic on foreign adventures than Kate Thorman, a professional travel writer. Kate’s impressive credentials include being an editor for Mr. & Mrs. Smith as well as the host/producer of the web-based travel and food program The Innocents Abroad. (In fact, she’s actually the cofounder of the show’s production company Abbott & West.) If you think you had the itch to explore before, we can guarantee that you’ll be ready to pull the trigger and book your next plane ticket after reading her travel-savvy posts this week. 


After too many trips lugging a 50-pound bag from bus to subway to walking across a city, I realized I had to pare down my packing. I certainly don’t abide by the ‘leave half of what you want to take’ rule, but I do have a few pieces that I use as a base for each trip. Sometimes, on a quick trip, I might even just stick to these basics:

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