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Reading List: Metallic Makeup Tutorial, Behind the Heart-melting Superbowl Puppy Commercial, and More

We know you don’t have oodles of time to browse through everything in the Birchbox Magazine each week. Here’s a short list of the top posts that we don’t want you to miss.

1. Gunmetal Eye Makeup Tutorial: Birchbox staffer Alina shows us how to create this metallic eye look using Coastal Scents’ new Revealed Palette.

2. Superbowl + Loveable Puppies: Thomas on the Birchbox Man team chatted with the creator behind the heart-melting Budweiser Superbowl ad starring one adorable pup. Read to get some insider info.

3. 5 Beauty “Don’ts” You Should Actually Try: We love the renegades in our U.K. office who dare you to break some well-known beauty rules. Truth be told, we’ve been known to be a little rebellious ourselves (read: unwashed hair).

4. My So-Called Flaws: We l-o-v-e this honest and personal essay from Birchbox editor Ally, who opened up about her struggle to make peace with an eight-inch scar left after an unfortunate boating accident.

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What It Was Like For This BBC Reporter To Be Airbrushed


We know airbrushing is a reality. The models and celebs we see on the covers of our favorite magazines are almost always Photoshopped to achieve the insane level of perfection that has become standard.

While the debate continues (Are we teaching teenage girls to strive for something impossible? Is it right to idolize this kind of beauty? How much airbrushing is too much?), one BBC reporter, Tulip Mazumdar, wanted to know what it felt like to be the one having her imperfections erased virtually.

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The Thigh Gap: What Is It, and Why Are Girls Obsessing Over It?


A thigh what? That was my response too when I first saw a friend’s Facebook post about this topic. And then a quick search revealed a number of articles and disturbing websites about the thigh gap and why young girls are so desperate to have one. (Beware: If you do a Google image search, prepare yourself—it’s pretty terrifying).

In short, a thigh gap is the space between a woman’s thighs when she stands with her feet together. The look is considered trendy, and now teen girls everywhere are trying to get thigh gaps of their own, many in unhealthy ways.

Here at Birchbox, while we love a good sweat session and strive to stay healthy, we’re more about embracing our natural quirks and curves. So, in an attempt to dispel this craze, I’ve compiled a short list of celebs who are all wildly successful, gorgeous, refreshing gap-free examples.

1. Rihanna

These are the legs that scored RiRi the “Celebrity Legs of a Goddess” award in 2007. It was true then, and it’s true now. (Photo: Pete Goddard/Splash News/Corbis) 

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Should Photoshopped Pictures Be Labeled?

Photo: The New York Times

Take a look at any fashion magazine, and you’ll see countless images of airbrushed perfection. Even the most gorgeous celebrities and models have their pictures altered by professional retouchers using Photoshop. The software does what no makeup artist can: it erases every blemish, lengthens limbs, and sculpts inches off the waist. All of us know that the flawless pictures we find in glossy mags have been enhanced. Yet it’s still hard to convince ourselves that the pictures we pore over are fantasy, not real. Seeing is believing. 

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