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Was Kristen Stewart’s Twilight Premiere Dress Too Revealing?

Kristen Stewart wore a rather risqué ensemble for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2 premiere yesterday. (Photo:


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30-Second Hair Looks You Have to Try Right Now

Based in Washington D.C., Ayren Jackson-Cannady is so savvy that we wished she lived closer to NYC so that we could swap products with her. This beauty writer knows what’s up (she’s written for Fitness, Glamour, and Gloss Daily) and we’re excited to have her sharing her know-how and multi-culti beauty expertise as a contributing editor.

All I could manage to do over the last couple of days—other than watch the weather channel and nervously eat Goldfish crackers—was pin pretty pictures on Pinterest. I’ve been finding a ton of quicklooks (think things you can do in 30 seconds or less) and I had to share them. Here are three of my favorite ‘dos plus an expert’s tips on getting the looks just right:


The Tousled Bun: For a messy (but chic!) look, Vanessa Fernandez of Butterfly Studio Salon in New York City suggests sticking with your natural texture and adding a texturizing spray (like Davines For Wizards No. 14 Sea Salt Primer) to create separation. “Flip your head upside down; spray, scrunch, and smooth your hair upwards toward the ends, twisting it until it’s in a bun shape and securing with a hair tie,” she says.

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College Girl: Gym-ing Between Classes

This summer, Birchbox’s content team is extremely lucky to have awesome intern Shana in the office. She’s a student at Syracuse University (the smarty pants is a dual major in magazine journalism and psychology) and she’ll be helping with researching, writing, product testing and, of course, blogging. In addition to daily beauty news posts, she’ll be writing a weekly column called College Girl.

I’ll admit that last semester, I had the freedom of starting class after 10 A.M. every day, and Fridays were completely commitment-free. However, there are still those awkward breaks between classes that could be turned into useful time spent at the gym. The problem is, there’s the constant fear of being uncomfortably un-showered for your next class. I asked Birchbox’s content team, who all happen to be exercise fiends, what they do to quickly freshen up after the gym. Here’s what they said:

Meredith: “Recently, I did an interview with professional runner Sarah Bowman. She keeps anti-acne wipes in her track bag, so now I’ve gone out and bought Clearasil Acne Fighting Cleansing Wipes. I use these super strong pre-soaked towelettes on my face, chest, and back after a workout before I head home to shower.”

Lorelei: “After the gym when I’m sweaty, I use a powder dry shampoolike Blow Faux Dry Shampooalong my hair line. Then I’m ready to run to the office or wherever I need to go! My hair will probably have a funky wave in it, so after I put the product in then I’ll throw it up in a bun.”

Mollie: “I always have Herban Essentials Towelettes in my bag—they’re zesty and refreshing, and I can use them on my face without any stinging when I don’t have time for a full shower.”


Is running outdoors more your thing? Don’t forget to grab the perfect sunscreen from our Birchbox Shop. 

A Week of Taming The Wave: The Birchbox Beauty Diaries

The Birchbox Beauty Diaries is a regular feature where one of our team members tries out a new beauty look every day for one week. Whether it’s lipstick or eyeshadow, different hairstyles or fun makeup techniques, we’ll give you five fun ideas for how you can shake up your routine.

Birchboxer: Hayley

Title: Co-founder

A Week Of: Styling her ultra-wavy hair

Monday: This is my ultimate ‘do nothing’ hairstyle. My secret is to wash with Blow Up Daily Volumizing shampoo and conditioner and let it air dry. If frizz arrives later (which it often does), I follow up with Oscar Blandi Olio di Jasmine hair serum.

Tuesday: Stick straight! My fancy GHD straightener was definitely worth the splurge. Less than ten minutes on dry hair and I’ve got my ‘do. I pinned up one side to really show off my new favorite accessory: my green hair feather! A couple spritzes of Blow Heat Is On protective styling mist makes me feel less guilty about all the frying.

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Gorgeous Sexy Hair Ideas from Blow NY

Photo courtesy of Blow NY

For this month’s story on second-day hair, I talked to two of Blow NY’s star stylists: Naeemah Carre and Gregory Patterson. They patiently explained why dirty hair always looks and styles so much better, and how you can fake the look with the right products. But the best part of talking to them was getting their foolproof tricks for gorgeous textured hair. Forget sleek and try these techniques:

Naeemah Carre: The Bun + Scrunch

Brush your hair and then tilt your head over and spray it with a light hold product like Blow Out Spray. Then gather it into a high bun. You can wear it like this to bed to wake up with a great look, or just leave it in for an hour if you’re pressed for time. When you take down the bun, be sure to brush hair and scrunch to revitalize the body.

Gregory Patterson: The Twisty Pony

Here’s an easy party style you can do at the end of the day before you go out. First poof a little dry shampoo onto your scalp to absorb any oil, and also freshen up the hair. Massage into the scalp and brush through with a natural bristle brush to enhance shine. Next, spritz a sea salt spray all through the hair. Section into four sections and twist each section so you achieve four dread-like ropes. Use a blowdryer to heat each section, then finish with a shot of cold air. Afterward finger-comb your now-textured hair and secure into a high ponytail just below the crown. Now, twist the ponytail into a very modern textured chignon. Secure with large u-shaped hair pins. You can accessorize with a cute jeweled or feathered headband — it’s an instantly glam modern textured chignon that will work for even the most elitist of parties.

Want more hair ideas? Check out our messy bun video. Obsessed with Blow NY (we know we are)? Read about them on our brand page. Have technique requests? Email us at