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What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

A new psych study out of the Univeristy of Kansas suggests that your choice of footwear reveals a surprising amount about who you are. In their experiment, when subjects saw pictures of a stranger’s shoes, they were highly likely to guess the personality traits that their owner identified with. Intrigued by these findings, we decided to conduct an experiment of our own here at Birchbox HQ. Judging from these staffers’ footwear choices, can you guess how they describe themselves? In other words, are we sending signals with our shoes? Read on to see what our sleuthing turned up!

Bianca, Operations Manager

Today’s Footwear: 80%20 boat-shoe inspired wedges

"I just bought these to be my new everyday summer shoe. I love being in heels so I went with a wedge over flats, but they have to be comfortable. I think these say I’m casual and laid-back, but not afraid to take a fashion risk!"

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Mascara Tip from “Gossip Girl” Stylist Amy Tagliamonti

"Gossip Girl" stylist Amy Tagliamonti and actress Amanda Setton (aka Penelope Shafai)

As you might should know, we’ve teamed up with "Gossip Girl" for our May Birchbox. You can expect all sorts of glamorous products, plus tons of exclusive content. Today, our editorial team is shooting video tutorials with the show’s lead hair and makeup stylists. We’re picking up plenty of tips, including this one from makeup artist Amy Tagliamonti:

A lot of the times when you put mascara on, you don’t get mascara on the base of the lashes, and people can see the difference between light lashes and darker mascara. If I don’t get all the areas or coverage that I want with a wand, I’ll put some mascara on a flat makeup brush and coat the lashes that way as well.

If you’re not a Birchbox subscriber yet, you still have time to join! Go here to reserve your “Gossip Girl” Birchbox.

Behind the Scenes: March Video Shoot and Miss Ladyfinger

Yesterday, the Birchbox team was busy prepping our videos for March. As always, we’re so excited to bring you tips and tricks on all things beauty, but we just couldn’t wait till the videos are all finished to share some fun information. One of our favorite nail art bloggers, Miss Ladyfinger, stopped by the shoot to help educate us on all things polish related. We snuck a peek into her makeup bag and found this product inside, which is one of her all-time favorites. Find out why below!

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Behind the Scenes: Market Publique Video Shoot!

On Friday we had a great video shoot about retro makeup with Pamela Castillo, co-founder of Market Publique, at her Williamsburg showroom. The immensely talented Sokphalla Ban did makeup, and we had the dynamic duo of Greg Beauchamp and Eric Anderson manning the cameras. City Bakery pastries and coffee kept us going, and I even had time to rifle through the racks…scored a pair of silver 80s oxfords. Fun day!