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OPI Gets Inspired By SF, Karl Lagerfeld’s Actual Age, And More
OPI debuted its fall polish collection with 15 new shades all inspired by San Francisco. [SheFinds]
Learn how to get a ’20s-inspired The Great Gatsby beauty look with this MAC tutorial. [Beauty High]
Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, points out her five beauty must-haves. [Well + Good NYC]
Refinery29 puts a new aerosol body bronzer to the test.  [Refinery29]
Prada enlists Roman Coppola and Wes Anderson to create a film series for its newest fragrance Candy L’Eau. [WWD]

Learn how to create our rendition of the princess roll hairstyle here.
(Photo: OPI)

OPI Gets Inspired By SF, Karl Lagerfeld’s Actual Age, And More

Beauty Routine Overhaul: Tiny Tweaks, Big Results

By now, many of you have received your April Women’s Health Birchbox, so you know that this month is all about tiny tweaks, big results. In honor of that, our video intern, Charisse, is focusing on improving small things in her daily routine. She’ll be sharing the results with all of you, of course! Next up: her beauty routine.


(Above: Charisse’s daily routine before, Below: Her updated, slimmed down regimen.)

Week Two: Beauty Routine

When I’m asked how long it takes me to get ready in the morning, my answer of two hours usually triggers a Liz Lemon-inspired "What the what?!" Taking a cue from these responses, I decided that this week would be the perfect time to make some tweaks to my beauty routine. Let me preface by saying that my two hour routine is something I truly enjoy. While it may seem excessive, I love having a leisurely morning without feeling rushed—but I will admit that I could use some more shut-eye. Read on to learn how I streamlined my routine! 

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Jamie Chung Models Spring’s Hottest Lipsticks, YSL To Launch A Tie Dye Top Coat, And More


(Video: Beauty High)

How to Get Out of a Beauty Rut: Guest Blogger

Monique Valeris of home and design blog Decor Musings always has fantastic suggestions for how to spruce up your domestic space, but she’s also an avid beauty fan with a keen eye for products. Which is why she’s the perfect person to tell us how to meld our love of makeup and home design together. This week, she’s sharing her tips on the best beauty gifts for your house guests, the accent wall color she loves right now, and more.

Jessica Biel routinely changes up her beauty look by adding a touch of a new color, opting for bangs, or even trying innovative hairstyles. (Photo: Getty Images)

We all get stuck in an outdated beauty routine from time to time. So here are four easy tricks you can use to help shake things up: 

1. Take stock of the beauty products you currently have. Pay attention to the items that you use frequently as well as those you never reach for. Dividing them into two separate piles will help you see what you use too often and what you can experiment with more.

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How Long Do You Spend Getting Ready Every Morning?

Do you think you’re average when it comes to the time you spend on your beauty routine? According to a Procter & Gamble survey quoted in Allure’s December issue, the average woman spends 18 minutes on her beauty routine on a typical morning. We’re assuming that includes time spent putting on skincare items like moisturizer and of course makeup and hair. So, we want to know, where do you land on the spectrum? Do you spend a lot or a little time?

— Lorelei

Our own Birchbox editor, Meredith, has her morning routine down pat. Watch her 3 Minute Makeup Routine video for inspiration.