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3 Ways to Avoid Embarrassing Beauty Blunders: Videos of the Month

While we use hair and makeup products to enhance our natural beauty, we’ve all had those embarrassing moments when we’ve actually made things worse. Thankfully, Youtube is always there to save the day. Here are some of the most reliable quick tips and beauty secrets to rescue you from any beauty emergency. 

Getting your bangs trimmed too short—or, gasp, the DIY snip—can be scarier than the new Carrie remake. Howcast's styling tips for short bangs can save you from those awkward hair days. 

Lipstick-stained teeth can be humiliating, especially when no one points them out! Glamlifeguru shares her secret to keeping color on your lips and off your pearly whites. 

Mascara smudges are normally not part of a finished face. But worry not, MimiZLife has a quick method to eliminate the mess without removing the rest of your makeup. 


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Top Beauty Blunders: Foundation Blending

Blending your foundation is an essential skill that every makeup-wearing gal should know. A great base not only sets the stage for your entire makeup look, but it also ensures that people are looking at you and not your poor makeup job. We’ve all seen unfortunate cases of mismatched foundation, too-bright concealer, awkwardly covered brows, and more. 

Here, Birchbox staffer Deepica shows us how to avoid these top beauty blunders. (We can admit it: We’ve all fallen victim to at least one of these issues at some point.)

What are some of your biggest beauty blunders?


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