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The Multi-Tasking Cream That Our French Editors Are Obsessed With


What is it? Egyptian Magic Skin Cream. A cult-favorite, 100 percent natural balm. It’s made with just six powerhouse ingredients, including olive oil, bee pollen, and royal jelly extract. 

Who’s it for? Busy folks who are always on the move and need time-saving products, plus anyone who has a sensitive skin condition like psoriasis or eczema. You can use Egyptian Magic as a face cream, a hair mask, a burn treatment—you name it.

Direct from Birchbox France: ”This is one of our bestselling products in France and I use it all the time. Every girl in the Birchbox France office has a jar on her desk. It’s for every skintype—dry, combination or even acne-prone. I use it mostly as a lip balm and as a night cream, but I also love using it as a makeup remover to take off my mascara and as a cuticle oil for my nails. It’s literally good for everything, and the best part is that it doesn’t smell at all.” —Mathilde, Editorial Director Birchbox FR

Can’t wait to get your hands on this do-it-all cream? Here it is in the Birchbox Shop.

The Miracle Cream I Can’t Leave Home Without: Guest Blogger

Though we’re New Yorkers, we’ve always had a thing for Chicago—the gorgeous lakefront, the deep dish, the friendly people—plus one of our editors calls it home! Which is why we’re pumped to bring you a guest blogger series from CheekyChicagoThe online lifestyle magazine is packed with the latest events to attend, restaurants to hit, and of course, places to shop. Lucky for us, Cheeky’s Editor-in-Chief Erica Bethe Levine is imparting her Windy City wisdom all week long.


I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and although my mom always taught us to dress comfy on the plane (i.e. Juicy Couture jump suits or Lululemon gear), my boyfriend is of the mentality that you should dress up for flights because you never know who you’re going to meet. Although my travel clothes may be a point of debate, my skincare regimen while away from home definitely is not—and there’s one product that I can’t ever be without.

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