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Customer Love Notes: Atelier Cologne’s Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue

Nerd alert: One of our favorite things to do is read the customer reviews in the Birchbox Shop. You all are an opinionated bunch—and we like it! We especially adore when you write about your favorite purchases. From time to time, we’ll be highlighting some of your extra sweet product love letters on the blog. image

It’s a well-know beauty fact: Citrus-based fragrance can be extremely tricky to pull off. Until now, that is. Highly concentrated and totally distinctive, Atelier Cologne’s Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue lasts longer than traditional citrus scents and elegantly blends sweet blood orange and bitter orange with heady jasmine and rich sandalwood. 

"Orange Sanguine Cologne by Atelier Cologne is absolutely extraordinary. Any time I spray it, it smells almost as if someone is peeling oranges right next to me. This scent lifts my mood immediately. Sunshine in a bottle."- Monikaus

"The hubby loves it! What a beautiful scent, it smells like oranges which makes me thing of mimosas—and that’s not a bad thing. This just might become my new signature scent."Jade

"I hate perfume. Hate it. Absolutely cannot stand the stench of most of it. And if you say "citrus" to me, I immediately think of the nauseatingly sweet smell of a Victoria’s Secret body splash. No really, I absolutely cannot stand most perfume. But this one?THIS. IS. GLORIOUS. Light, yet sophisticated. Clean, yet elegant. Refreshing, delicious, and because of its concentration it lasts a good long while without being overbearing. I bought it immediately. And I’m going to buy more."- Bourbonface


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From Picnic to Party: 3 Products to Help You Freshen Up Fast


For Manhattanites, summers are all about heading to Central Park and staking out a spot on the Great Lawn. (When you don’t have a beach, a grassy patch of ground is an excellent stand-in). While we love taking full advantage of sunny days, impromptu picnics pose a major challenge when we need to get to our next fete without looking like a hot mess.

To tackle this challenge head on, we’re relying on these purse companions to to get us from point A (picnic bliss) to point B (cocktail hour) looking fresh: 

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Bye Bye Birchbox: My Favorite Beauty Products Revealed


Before I started working at Birchbox as a copywriter, I didn’t know what a serum was—let alone how to use one. Two years later, I’ve tested dozens of them, sniffed countless perfumes, and developed an addiction to bright lipstick in every hue. While my love of beauty will never waver, I’m moving on from my full-time job here to pursue an MFA in creative writing.

Though my budget in grad school will put me squarely in the Ramen bracket, I still plan to splurge on my favorite beauty products that I discovered through work. Here are the things I’m willing to go into credit card debt to buy:

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Gift Set Bonanza: A Skin-Perfecting Trio, an Oscar Blandi + Cargo Must-Have & More


Last week, we rounded up some of this season’s top gift sets. Well there’s more where that came from. We’ve stocked our Holiday Shop with unquestionably awesome gift sets that are guaranteed to please even the pickiest on your shopping list. How do we know? Well, just check out what our savvy customers—and discerning beauty lovers—had to say!

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Memorial Day Must-Haves: Molly

This weekend marks the official start of summer, which means that Birchboxers have plans to kick back, rest up, and hopefully bask in some serious sunshine. We asked several of our staffers where they’re headed (stay-cations sound as enticing as traveling) and the must-have product they’re bringing along. Here’s what executive assistant Molly had to say. 

This weekend, I’ll be heading to my family’s cabin in the Berkshires. The house has been shut up since Christmas so I’m preparing myself for musty air with a capital “M!” The first thing I’ll do when we arrive is open all the windows and light one of Atelier Cologne’s candles in Orange Sanguine to make the house smell fresh and lovely for the whole time we’re there.

If you love Atelier’s Orange Sanguine candle, you’ll flip for the fragrance.

Dollars & Sense: Why We Can’t Get Enough of This Fresh Scent

Our pick of the week: Here at Birchbox, we take the concept of season-appropriate products seriously. Just as we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing boots when the rest of the city is sporting sandals, now that it’s spring we’re swapping out our heavy perfumes for Atelier’s light green scent Trèfle Pur. This clean blend of bitter orange, delicate clover, and freshly cut grass makes us feel like we’re frolicking in an open field, even when we’re desk-bound.

This isn’t your typical eau de parfum. One of Atelier’s signature Cologne Absolues, Trèfle Pur is a boutique scent designed to reveal its composition over time and outlast other fragrances (we put it to the test this morning, and we’re happy to report it’s still lingering well past lunchtime).  Learn more about our current spring fragrance obsession after the jump!

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Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensée Discovery Set: Gift of the Day

‘Tis the season, which can mean only one thing: You are in search of great holiday gifts. Well, look no further. Whether you’re stumped about what to get a co-worker, your dad, or your bestie, we have something for everyone on your list. Check back every day this month for a new dose of gift-giving inspiration — and get ready to deck your halls with much more than holly. 

Why this makes a great gift: We know it’s what is on the inside that counts, but we love how this gift set comes in a Venetian blue box tied with a leather ribbon. Inside, you’ll find a petite bottle of Atelier’s chic Vanille Insensée Cologne Absolue, a matching shea-rich soap, and a five-sampler pack of Atelier’s entire cologne collection. It doesn’t get much better than that.

It’s perfect for: Your preppy, chino-wearing aunt from Connecticut, your mom who’s too thrifty to buy her own fragrance, your older sister who rocks business casual every day to work.

Price: $70, available on

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