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Before and After: The Magic of A Universal Brow Pencil

One of the best parts about working at Birchbox is learning new tricks and discovering products. My latest Birchbox discovery was the brow pencil and the impact it can have on your appearance. 

Before working here, I always thought that the only people who filled in their brows were those with light blonde hair or those with thin brows who need more definition. You can imagine then that I was skeptical when I was asked to test drive It Cosmetics’ Universal Brow Pencil. My first thought was that there’s no way a brow pencil can actually be universal. How could someone with blonde hair use the same pencil color that I do and still have it look natural? 

I had to test this out and I decided to gather a few other girls from the team with different hair colors and brow shapes to help me. It amazed me to see that this one pencil did really work on all five of us. Take a look through the before and after photos below and you’ll notice just how much of a difference filling in your brows can make!  


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Team Intros: Meet Techies Ashley and Jenn!

It may not always seem like it since we talk about beauty and lifestyle so much, but Birchbox is a tech company, too! Which means that we’re always in need of smarty tech gurus. Enter Ashley and Jenn, who both hail from Cornell and the burgeoning NYC startup scene. Before she started, Ashley was Employee number one at Knewton, a startup that recommends online learning content to students. Meanwhile, Jenn not only worked for Etsy, but founded, a website that helps you track your goals. Color us impressed! Learn more about these ladies below.

Name/Title: Ashley Miller, Software Engineer

Hometown: Merrick, NY

Unofficial role: Healthy-Lunch-Place Picker

Fun fact: I used to DJ a radio show in college. A few friends and I played a mix of music—mostly ska with some indie thrown in. I think we had four listeners on a good night. 

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