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4 Styling Tips for Fall According to a Celeb Stylist: Guest Blogger

As a celebrity stylist, Anita Patrickson's whole job is to make famous people look even more fabulous (you can follow her star-studded adventures on both Facebook and Twitter). Since she’s a total dressing pro, we asked Patrickson for her absolute best fall fashion advice. Here’s what the style maven had to say: 


1. Don’t take on a trend just because it’s in style.

Remember the neon trend? Well I took it very seriously and I’m now living with the regret. (I’ve even been considering untagging myself from certain photos on Facebook.) When it comes to picking new styles to wear each season, the first thing to consider is what will suit your body type. Follow that number one rule and then you can shop with abandon (bearing in mind that we live in a Internet-savvy world with nowhere to hide).

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